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Post 24-May-2020 20:48        

First post with this community, so I'll start by saying I cannot express my gratitude to this community on the whole for years of dedicated support and enhancement to my all time favorite pc shooter.

I tried to be as specific as possible with the title, and if there is information regarding this topic elsewhere I have not been able to find it through searches alone. I do not know if nobody has tried this yet, or if for some reason it has been deemed unnecessary or non-beneficial in any way. But I would like to load up the Mysteries of the Sith client and be able to load The Force Within episode (JK1 vanilla campaign). I have very limited experience with modding this game, so there is likely more that I am missing. I would think just importing the episode and resource packs, then converting them to GOO instead of GOB would be enough. But if the levels load at all, they crash part way through and several entities are not loaded in.

I know there is going to be more involved with importing both episodes into one client, due to the different force systems and what not, but I am curious if anyone has attempted this already and what they may have found.
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