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Post 28-May-2014 05:54        

I am using JKEdit but any levels I make with the included Multi-Level editor do not work in JK/MOTS.

I have studied the episode.jk file, the cogstrings.uni file, the goals and start up cogs, and tried multiple ideas in the editor itself, but to no avail.

I did this successfully only once, and that was back in 2002. Since getting back into JK editing this spring after a very long hiatus, I would be eager to see if I can make some decent levels.

I always liked the idea of making multi-level episodes for JK/MOTS. Any help getting levels made with the multi-level editor to work would be greatly appreciated.

Post 28-May-2014 13:02        

I've never tried it with JKedit, but I never had any problems getting it to work in JED/ZED.
Post 29-May-2014 05:22        

I think we need to up the amount of ZED/JED propaganda here on the JK Hub. No offense to JKEdit.
Post 29-May-2014 05:26        

The person you'd want to get in contact with is DarthDan.
Post 02-Jun-2014 06:45        

Some months ago, I made a roadmap for myself how to work with the Multi Level Editor. There are some pitfalls to avoid ;-)

I hope, you'll get your levels to work with the following tips:

1) First you have to take care of some pre-work in all of your levels you want to combine:
a) Episode Editor: enter a Level Title (that's the name which shows ingame; I suggest the name you read in the bigger text field below, second row)
b) Episode Editor: Rename Level File, must be different in all levels or it won't work! (Else JK will only start the last level of the gob file)
c) Episode Editor: Are the goals numbered correctly? 01000 for first goal in level 1, 02000 for first goal in level 2 and so on....
d) user made cogs: If you have cogs with the same name but different content in different levels, it won't work once your levels are combined with MLE. JK will start the false cog. Same for start.cog or goals.cog. I name them start1.cog for level 1, start2.cog for level 2, ... If you are doing this renaming afterwards, you probably have to delete and reload these cogs in the levels ("Files in Level" dialogue)

2. Start Multi Level Editor (only possible when no level is loaded)

3. Add - select jke-file of the first level. The master title gets the same name automatically, but it can be changed afterwards. Repeat "Add" with the other levels you want to include in the correct order. First level gets number 10, second nr. 20,... "Goto" points automatically to the next level. The "Goto" of the last level has "-1".

4. Save as... jkm-file

5. Save as... gob (or goo) file into your JK project directory

6. start JK with the path option for this project directory
Post 14-Jun-2020 19:46        

Thank you ObiWan.

I know this is late, but after several attempts over the years to make a multi-level episode of Jedi Knight in both JKEdit and JED, I have identified the problem. My multi-level projects seem to work ok in JK if I use JK specific 3DOs, not custom 3DOs like Luke, Han, Leia, Chewie, Darth Vader, Yoda and so forth. In my experience, I can play as Kyle Katarn or Boba Fett. Both of these 3DOs come with the JK CDs. Any custom 3DO will cause the multi-level episode to crash on startup, though single-level episodes will run just fine without any compromises on 3DOs or cog coding.

No matter what I do, attempts to use custom 3DOs in multi-level episodes of JK and MOTS fail in both JKEdit and JED.

One thing I was able to do was start a level in JKEdit and port it to JED for further editing. Sadly, the above-mentioned problem persists.

The advantage of my attempts to do this over the past number of years is that I have a fair number of decent standalone levels. Combining them together was a goal of mine, but they can stand on their own. I used to make my levels with the intention of building multi-level stories, but sometime ago I made the switch to standalone levels that could be combined in the future if I found out how to do this.

I have always wanted to build nice multi-level stories of JK and MOTS. Based on some of the old levels I downloaded years ago, it is possible to play as Obiwan or Luke in multi-level projects, but I do not know how.

If anyone here can help me with this, I would appreciate it. I would love to build some really nice multi-level stories for JK and MOTS.
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