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Post 21-Jan-2021 05:55        

So I have modded the fists. I have changed them so that left click is always jab, right click is always hook. I have created a new template for right-clicking based on '+punch' that does more damage, and it works great.

Then I added code that allows you to 'one-two' for extra damage, and I have made *another* template for that respective punch, which also works.

Here's where it gets weird. I want to have this punch create different particles if you hit an actor with it 'fleshhit', but to my knowledge, because of the flags (which are REQUIRED for melee attacks) 0x200d, apparently this means that punches can ONLY trigger the 'explode' parameter, not the 'fleshhit' one.

Is there ANY way for me to re-type a template based on '+punch' which can have different particles for 'explode' and 'fleshhit', (while still functioning properly) or is this simply a limitation of the engine?
Post 04-Feb-2021 08:47        

That is a very tricky thing I have struggled with in the past. I can't remember the specifics anymore... I think I once tried to get different effects using force lightning, or something similar to it. Maybe even concblast. It was like fleshhit would only work at close range.
All I can say is experiment a bit with various things and various line-based-weapons, and try the 2 different flags for that (0x2000 and 0x10000). You could for the sake of "big visible changes" set the explode to a grenade explosion and the fleshhit to a conc explosion.
Post 15-Feb-2021 23:54        

Haha, then it's just a falcon punch. Yeah, I ended up just making bigger smoke for my special punch, and it works pretty well. I was never 100% on board with the idea of a blood spray punch in a Star Wars game; it felt like it might have been too much.
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