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Post 01-Mar-2007 10:01        

Here are the basics so far:

A co-op game that uses the zelda formula. Specifically puzzles, puzzle based bosses, and aquiring items you need to progress.

A Job system ala final fantasy tactics. Mastered abilities can be plugged into "crossover" slots for use in other jobs.

Leveling up. Damage you take and dish out is based on stats. However, attacking and blocking is based on skill! No randomized auto-fighting based on stats.

Character customization. Ideas so far are, skin color, tatoos, gender, hair color/shape, and equipment color can be modified in a shop.

The character is saved for additional playthroughs, like diablo.

Movement: So far planned movement includes run, jump, climb (ladders, etc.) swim, and crouch. Seems like there should be more?

Horse Riding: Gain the ability to call + ride a horse. Two people can ride on one horse.

So what do you think would make a fun game?
Post 01-Mar-2007 16:45        

I really like the fact that combat will be based on skill...that will add much more depth to gameplay. Personally, what makes or breaks a game is mobility, I like my players to move fluidly with nice transitions between different animations such as jumping, landing, doding, running etc.

Will there be some type of roll/dodge button that does different animations if used while moving in different directions? EX: The player does a back handspring if the dodge botton is hit while backpeddling. I guess I'm thinking of SBX.
Post 01-Mar-2007 20:35        

Hmm, good idea! Maybe that should be included into the block button, sort of like the different attacks, but different dodges.
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Post 01-Mar-2007 22:30        

Co-op Action RPG eh?

Spiffy! Surprized
Post 03-Mar-2007 06:16        

How will people go about picking up where they left off without waiting for their friends?
Post 03-Mar-2007 20:25        

Presumably like diablo, where the storyline picks up from the hosts game, but you can still revisit old dungeons to get items you need.
Post 19-Aug-2007 09:04        


I look over jkhub at least once a week. And reviewing these screenshots, I couldnt help but get some ideas.

For some reason, I see this characters as a writer / cartoon artist... who somehow got sucked into one of his own games. Instead of the standard gun-style, he has unique items that he uses throughout his journey.

For example, he finds a piece of paper where he had scribbled a drawing of a pogostick. He picks that paper up, and now HAS a Pogostick to use. It acts the same as a jump(forcejump) idea, but looks more unique ( and a new animation of bouncing ). The longer the player holds his jumpkey(pogo) button down, the faster the animation goes, until he releases it and UP the player flys bouncing to each new tier within the level.

Its a more comical take on your idea, i know. But could be alot of fun.

Perhaps he finds / uses Energy-drinks as health, etc.

Maybe he finds ( instead of a princess ) ... a " Barbie Girl " type of sidekick, she is always chewing pink bubblegum bubbles and has her special pink hoola-hoop that she swings around her hips ( perhaps that items is useful later somehow? )

But idea is common items used in extraordinary ways.

I liked the elf, and the graphics looks 'very nice' =), but i also like the way this new character is coming along, he is more 'connectable' to the common man.

Always Impressed with your work, keep up such a fine job at whatever you do.
---=[ Palidori ]=---
Post 19-Aug-2007 20:09        

Pali, that girl sounds almost like a perfect anime girl xD I like it

I don't have any ideas in mind right now, except for if you need any specific designs, I could draw them out for you (Just PM me if you need anything like that)

I love the idea of Co-op. The world seriously lacks Co-op games, the only good ones I've ever played being JK Co-op, Perfect Dark (Series) and Halo... (And believe me, I didn't like Halo too much)

Oh and some dodge moves couldn't hurt. You could always have the dodges linked to your stats, the higher the stats, the further you jump, the faster, etc.
Post 19-Aug-2007 21:23        

Play Guns. Then steal any cool ideas from that.

I'll gladly help on this the next time I get free time!
Post 19-Aug-2007 22:30        

I've tried to play guns, it would never connect to a server

I'll gladly take help Right now, my goals have changed from what I've written above, although I do want to make an RPG sometime. Right now, I want to make a FPS framework that can be used for any game (the way we use JK now, but without the limitations.) And a similar sci fi game to go with it. That's an interesting take on the character JAS_Palidori

I'll make a new topic with my goals.
Post 24-Aug-2007 04:50        


Some other ideas popped into my head, reading the forum.

Im thinking Sci-Fi now.

Ever play the game SYNDICATE ? ( great game, lots of fun )
Perhaps a first-person similiar version of that. The player could be part human, party cybernetic. His " force powers " would be all high-tech related ( scanners, laser tripwire mines, probe droid cams, short-distance teleporter, molecular invisibility, jetpack, etc ).
Perhaps he has a built-in uplink satellite connection, so he can access any computer database in his world ( research, accessing computers, terminals, panels, data disks, etc ).

Going back to thinking Fantasy now.

Movable vehicles could also be " Rideable " creatures. A valiant knight on a horse ( heh heh ), or even a " flying " dragon. Of course, he doesnt have to be a knight / warrior. He could be a rogue ranger-type. Weapon of choice: longbow ( upgrades: poison-tipped, incendiary, water-ballon [ for snuffing out torches ], hollow [ for luring / distraction shots ] )


Perhaps Im rambling.

Just thought Id share these random thoughts.

I do kinda like the fog in that underwater shot ( i still have never quite perfected good fog in
JK, which annoys me ).

Nice shot of that prone position too, I presume he can move / crawl like that? ( or is just a stationary puppet for like 'duck/hide, hope he didnt see me', stand up, resuming walking )

I am now an avid player of GUILD WARS.
And I daily take ideas that I can from that and try to incorporate that into JK.
It is simply a cacophony of great concepts.

I only wish I was as far ahead in design as you are.
So many ideas and ways to go with this project.
- Palidori
Post 24-Aug-2007 05:40        

I've never played syndicate, hmm... Although I was thinking along the same lines of cybernetic enhancement!

Yeah, you can crawl around in the prone position! Thought I might as well include that, since I was making crouch. I've made major headway this week. I've implemented Swimming, crouching, prone, made some initial weapons, added strafing animation support, added air control (out of the box you cant change direction in the air like most FPS).. I made a ton of animations (still have plenty more to make) And tonight I added controllable vehicles, and modified their physics to feel better (they drifted a lot before)

Its feeling like a real game now, at least control-wise
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Post 25-Aug-2007 15:26        

Wow, you're a machine.

You wouldn't happen to be able to control each individual limb would you? And would these limbs have face collision? >.>
Post 25-Aug-2007 17:19        

On the default player? No, but it does do an approximation somehow for headshots and things. However, the model format supports multiple collision meshes, and it also supports blend animations based on the mouse (the look animation for when you look up/down) So you could dig into the source code and make what you want. That's what I've been doing! I'm really getting to know my way around
Post 03-Sep-2007 04:23        

Here are some weapon concepts.. you've got your standard rocket launcher and whatnot...

Any suggestions on what I should call the first one? It's an energy weapon with a rotating barrel that should act similar to the stormtrooper rifle.
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