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Post 25-Sep-2007 01:39        

Hello everyone,

I'm running v1.01 of JK (heavily modded, but only with the Patch Commander), but I've been having trouble with this since I installed it on this box.

Whenever I die, the game reloads at the appropriate quicksave (which I do with anal retentive regularity). However, if I try to load any save from the menu, whether I'm in a game or I just loaded up JK, the game crashes. No error message beyond the standard "JK.exe has encountered a problem..." crap. I know JK works on WinXP -- I used to be able to run it no trouble. So... how can I fix this?


Windows XP Home
AMD Athlon 64 3700+
300 GB Maxtor hard drive
nVidia e-GeForce 7800

Thank you in advance for any help you can give.
Site Admin
Post 25-Sep-2007 17:06        

Most likely the crashing is due to saving and loading of games while using different mods. A game saved while running one mod will crash if loaded with a game running a different mod. There is no fix for this, other than to not load and save games using different mods.

Post 25-Sep-2007 22:24        

Thank you for the reply.

Loading saves does work if I save and load un-modded. However, if I save, and later load, using the same version of SBX (A worthy mod), the game crashes. Ditto, in fact, for *any* mod, even something as hackish as a grappling hook.

I know that user mods can affect the game and there's really no course of action I can take against that kind of thing, but it used to work just fine. I used to be able to load any mod, load up any save that had the same mod, and play with no problems.

Have you any other ideas for me? Thank you again for any advice.
Post 26-Sep-2007 05:43        

I believe modded saves can still crash because instances of templates in static.jkl can exist in a level, and if any of them are present when the save is made, the game often crashes on load.

I was implementing a feature in JKReCog (safe save) to semi-do-away-with JK's saving system, resulting in stable savegames (you still need to do a normal JK save or quicksave for long-term saves though... this is why it's only a semi-do-away-with feature). You might check that out if it will help. I believe I left enough documentation to let people know what I was doing, but if not, feel free to ask.
Post 27-Sep-2007 04:20        

Sounds good. I've downloaded it and like what I see.

Just curious: Is there a way to isolate the SafeSave feature? I'm trying to do so so that I can have two versions: One with all of ReCog, or one with just the SafeSave so I can (in theory) use the SafeSave with other mods, like SBX.

I'm fairly sure it can be done, but all attempts have merely lobotomized the mod so it does nothing. Razz
Post 27-Sep-2007 04:39        

The procedure to adapt Safe Save to SBX (and just about any other mod, for that matter) is pretty simple.

First, add Safe Save to SBX's items.dat (you can probably copy the bin entry in ReCog).
Replace the templates in the safesave cog header with SBX static.jkl templates.
Adjust the template count and bin number variables in the cog, if needed.
Make sure the safesave BM icon file is in with SBX, too (JK will display the icon if safe save is trying to save the game).
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