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Post 24-Sep-2007 01:39        

Why is everybody's Bryar so stubby and bulky? Am I the only one who liked the revolver-looking Dark Forces one? I'm just curious. It looks really good in the first person view, though.
Post 24-Sep-2007 09:19        

Well, it's a sawed-off rifle. If it was a BIG rifle to begin with, it might make sense for it to still be bulky, though sawing off a magical laser weapon seems crazy to me (you might damage its magic!).

Personally, I love the model you've made, but don't like the texturing; it looks like too small a texture stretched over too much surface, or you over blurred the texture. Not sure which is the case.

Post 24-Sep-2007 19:38        

Tbh there's like 7 256x256 textures there >.>

The HUB resizes images once uploaded, so that might be why it looks odd. It looks much better in game. I'll get a better shot
Post 24-Sep-2007 22:19        

What's that clipping (or whatever) going on by the power pack?

Otherwise, very nice
Post 24-Sep-2007 22:24        

A small overlay issue that I'm fixing.
Post 24-Sep-2007 23:50        

The new screenshot looks drastically better.

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