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Post 06-Jan-2009 23:58        

In the past I've edited maps using JKEdit. For years I've heard that Jed (now Zed) is superior in all aspects, so for awhile now, I've been learning Zed myself, discovering its superior capabilities as heralded by other editors. The problem is that it's very difficult to navigate. Yes with experience it will be easier.. blah blah blah.

JKEdit was a program I could install and learn pretty easily, and for the amount of time I would need to become a respected editor with Zed wouldn't be worth learning a different program for. I'm no editing novice here as I've made maps for JK2 also. If I had any programming knowledge, I would improve Zed myself.

So here's my proposal: We gather some programmers together to improve Zed to make it the ultimate JK editor hands down. The easier the interface, the more level editors, bigger JK editing community, and more levels. It could be a slight revival for JK, right? I figured I should propose this idea before my posts echo throughout the empty forums...

Having editing experience from a few programs, I have some great ideas to improve Zed. But to save my fingers from an even longer post, I'd first like to see a show of hands (or posters rather) for those interested in seeing a Zed update. Anyone?
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Post 07-Jan-2009 08:33        

You should post your ideas in this thread. JKWorkshop is currently not getting any of my attention, as I'm working on an overhaul of the Hub site itself, but that thread is the basis of my feature list.
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Post 07-Jan-2009 13:22        

Indeed, post in that forum topic. I have not been working on JK stuff in the last few months, but I will eventually.

Giraffe and I are the only programmers who have worked on JK-related editing tools in the last year or more.

Post 07-Jan-2009 20:02        

Jon'C has a sector based level editor that he had in the works over at Massassi, and it was pretty slick too.

I believe he opened/edited some JK levels with it as well.
Post 15-May-2009 02:06        

I agree ZED would be cooler with an update. (But what do I know, I've barely been editiing for two weeks? )
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