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Post 22-May-2009 19:09        

I dont want to be a complainer, but I was wondering if we could update the Images of Glory. The last great works of art are excellent, better than I could do, but I was just wondering.
Post 19-Jun-2009 14:32        

ya like fastgamerr's stuff...
Post 06-Jul-2009 21:09        

or Descent's girlfriend...
Post 06-Jul-2009 21:15        

Lauging If you got a picture of her lets put her up in the images of glory Lauging
Post 06-Jul-2009 21:24        

this website could get innappropriate pretty quick...
Post 08-Jul-2009 00:12        

Youre right, probably should just stick to JK stuff only, but I thought it was funny.
Post 08-Jul-2009 00:37        

lol me too!
but seriously...

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