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Post 01-Aug-2009 22:26        

So I bought the Jedi Outcast Collector's Edition off of the other day. I got it in the mail and eagerly installed JK to play it.

While Dark Forces 1 works with DOSBox, and Jedi Outcast works just fine, Jedi Knight is troublesome.

I'm running it on a 32-bit laptop with Vista. I have been able to successfully run it on this laptop in the past (back when I played using my friend's copy of DF2: JK) but now, it's not working.

I already have it in XP SP2 compatibility, along with the -windowgui modification. My main menu looks fine, however, the moment I get in game, all the colors start blurring and the screen blinks. Is this a graphical issue that can be fixed? I've tried JK on my desktop gaming PC as well, and it's got the Windows 7 release client 64-bit. I was able to get JK to start, and the main menu runs fine, but when I run the game, AGAIN I get the blurring colors and the glitchy/blinking screen.

What's going on? I keep trying to run the game with 3d acceleration at my normal resolution and it glitches. If I try to play WITHOUT 3d Accel. it just glitches and says my video card doesn't have enough memory...

Post 02-Aug-2009 16:12        

Which graphics card are you using on both units?
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