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Post 25-Sep-2009 17:31        

Post here any JK or MotS graphics problems.

For those getting black background or weird artifacts when in-game when using 3d accel, try the ddraw_(hack_viewport3_clear2).zip download. Post in this forum to let me know if it works or not and what your operating system and video card and driver specs are.

Check this Massassi.net forum topic for more details.

Post 28-Sep-2009 16:39        

This resolved the weird artifacting I've experienced in JK for years on my ATI Radeon 9550. Always made getting a good screenshot tricky as I had to wait for the artifacting to be at its minimum (or I had to spend time in PhotoShop). The artifacting didn't impact gameplay, so I never really worried about it.

Anyhow, to get this working on Win9x without having to modify your JK executable to point at a renamed ddraw.dll (so, for this to work by simply dropping ddraw.dll into your JK folder on Win9x) navigate to the following place in your registry:

Find ddraw.dll in the list and rename it (I renamed it to _OFF_ddraw.dll so it'd still turn up in searches for ddraw.dll) then restart your computer (this may not be required, but I had to before JK would start using the dropped-in ddraw.dll file).

Post 28-Sep-2009 18:11        

I'm sort of surprised you were having this problem with a 9550. (Even if it was a different severity then with newer cards)

I'm very surprised you appear to still be willingly using windows 9x!
Post 28-Sep-2009 18:34        

Yeah, I was a bit surprised with the artifacting way back when I got the 9550; before that I'd had a GeForce3 ti200, and then a GeForce4 ti4200, and then a Radeon 9600 (the 9550 is essentially an underclocked 9600 with no fan). It was odd when moving from the 9600 to 9550 that problems cropped up.

I have half a dozen computers; the oldest (built in 2001) still runs 98SE and I love it. Look up KernelEx and RP9 if you want to know how I run modern software on 9x. All the other (much newer) machines run XP (varying versions depending on which license was bought for which machine). The 9x machine is still my favorite, even when up against a multicore, 4GB DDR2, nVidia GTS 250 beast. I have a 1.3 GHz Athlon, a whopping 512MB of non-DDR RAM (underclocked to 100 MHz), Radeon 9550, and ~600GB of hard drive space (120GB IDE, 500GB SATA via PCI SATA card) in this bad boy. It's on 24/7 and has uptimes measured in weeks.

The GTS 250, to my surprise, renders JK just fine aside from horrible texture color banding.

Post 15-Oct-2009 18:23        

This... is... no, must be a dream... WAIT, IT IS!! MWAHAHAHA!!! I'M BACK IN ACTION!! WOOHOO!!

Of course, all I really have to say is "Thanks a million". Nah, make it 2 million and change.

Now to actually install the thing and cross my fingers.
Post 10-Nov-2009 19:43        

Works great in XP, but not in Win7 x64, so probably not Vista64 either.
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Post 10-Nov-2009 20:19        

It isn't directly an OS issue, because several people on the Steam JK forum have posted that the ddraw.dll fix worked for their Win7 and Vista 64 systems.

In almost all cases I have seen or helped with, it is the video drivers or video options that are the problem.

I do not have a 64-bit version of Windows to test with, but I might be able to come up with a workaround if people with a 64-bit Windows could test different settings and give more details on what happens when trying to use JK.

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Post 13-Nov-2009 17:40        

Unfortunately, this doesn't solve my personal frame rate issue with transparent surfaces. (on 3dos it seems) For example, in DS3, because of the multitude of bacta tanks and JKE having purdy transparent surfaces on them, my frame rate tanks if I happen to look at them. I had long ago changed the bacta tank 3do to have solid surfaces and that had solved the issue, my frame rate was then capped at the refresh rate. The glass tunnel or water didn't seem to affect frame rate at all.

Awesome job none the less.
Post 15-Nov-2009 20:31        

Sorry if this is a double post. I hit "delete" and it still is there...

Ah, it seems that when I run JK under win7, it completely ignores the ddraw.dll in the jedi knight directory. if I rename the file to ddraw.dll.bak, the game acts the exact same way. The logo loads (with improper colors), then the game crashes. When I boot into XP, the ddraw.dll works great!

I've got an ATI 4870 512MB card, and 4GB ram.
Post 15-Nov-2009 20:47        

Groovy... Works if I use the -windowgui command line option. The game then renders properly in fullscreen, but the menus are in a window.
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