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Post 11-Oct-2011 21:48        

I'm running Windows 7, and JK will crash if it tries to load in full screen. My workaround is making a shortcut with the command line parameters -windowgui and -devmode. It would be more convenient if the JK.exe itself was modified to do this, since some programs refer to that file. Is there anyone that can do this?
Post 12-Oct-2011 20:42        


Just made a quick n dirty patch for you that does it

I don't know if I can post .exe files ... so I explain the patch

Just change the following values with a hex editor, I used HxD for testing:
(Btw 01 : >The patch works both with Jk.exe version 1.0 and 1.01<)
(Btw 02 : Save a backup of original jk.exe if you need original later)

Update, more options added!

On offset 4E2 change from original value "1D" to 35 //constant -windowGUI
On offset 4E8 change from original value "1D" to 35 //constant -displayConfig
On offset 4FA change from original value "1D" to 35 //constant -dispStats
On offset 4F4 change from original value "1D" to 35 //constant -frameRate
On offset 512 change from original value "1D" to 35 //constant -devMode

With HxD you can just use the short (ctrl+g) witch equals "Search->Goto" to seek to offsets. Position the cursor before 1D and type in 35 to overwrite the values.

With the values changed just save the modified jk.exe and that's it.

Btw: I used ollydbg for reversing/determining values.

How was the patch done?
The game stores the options as global variables which 1=true/given and 0=false/not set.
Just changed these values while game inits to the preferred state.

Greets, frequent

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Post 12-Oct-2011 23:04        

Wow! THANK YOU! You changed my life!
Post 13-Oct-2011 15:57        

Hey no problem, I appreciate it

Btw: I added more options.
Post 14-Oct-2011 05:26        

You're the man, frequent. I've never used nor heard of a hex editor and you made that pretty simple. I'm sure I'm not the only one in need of a JK.exe modified for windowed mode... I'm sure this would solve most compatibility issues with newer versions of Windows. People need to know about this.
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