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Post 11-Mar-2012 21:27        

Dark forces II is working fine here on vista32 as long as I run the shortcut in a window by adding ' -windowgui' to the target line. Although the game can still run in full screen using this, I got slight flicker on the right hand side of the screen.. until I realized all I needed to do was to disable the desktop composition in the shortcut compatibility menu (or switch vista's gadgets off).

1-The only issue I have regarding the display are now the menus-I am wondering if there is a way to show the menus in full screen-is it possible on vista/7 at all-if the crash I receive when attempting full screen menus is on all modern operating systems? [edit> from not being lazy and finally checking out other posts I assume that this is not possible)

2-This is my first time with the game (was cheap) so aside from the JK_Enhanced update to get show a slightly better display, and the crosshair DrawWrapper addon, are any other updates worth checking out than anyone would recommend over anything else?

3-Can I run the game without having to use the cd, yet also include all the media? Most patches that I have found dont seem to be able to keep the audio. I have the original game (!) but, just as everything is going completely digital nowadays, am too lazy to have to fetch discs every time I want to play. Should I make an exception for DFII and keep the disc in that drive?

thanks for any info
Post 12-Mar-2012 01:29        

For the last point I can say what to do. I think... Where are my discs now?

From the first CD, find a file called "JK_.CD" and copy that to the installed "Resource" folder. Also, make sure you have the "Res1hi.gob" and "Res2.gob" in that folder too.
Next, for the cutscenes copy the "VIDEO" folder from both CD1 and CD2 into the installed "Resource" folder.
Now for the music, you will have to extract the CD Audio from the CDs, then create new Virtual CDs with the audio (ISOs), filling track 1 with something because on the actual CD track 1 is reserved for the data and all tunes (should) start from track 2.
Hope this helps.

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