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Post 27-Feb-2013 10:38        


So, I thought that bringing back JK and MotS to my systems would be a great idea. I installed it to my vista laptop, with patches, no-cd options etc. It runs perfectly. The menus and cutscenes are windowed in JK, but gameplay is fullscreen. In MotS everything, including menus is fullscreen (although -windowgui is used, I can't explain it, but am happy with it).

But then there is the other laptop, Win8, 64bit, dual core and an intel HD videocard.
MotS is not the problem here, but JK is. In -windowgui mode when I go to gameplay, it is also windowed (larger window, but still). And yes, I checked the display-advanced settings, it's not on windowed mode. Alt-enter doesn't work.
Luckily this is the only problem, overall I'm glad it works at all. Also here, MotS: no problems at all.

(furthermore, a small weird issue, when hosting a game on the Vista laptop, the Win8 can find the game, but cannot join. The other way around has no problems)
Post 13-Mar-2013 20:50        

Ah, Win8.... Another reason to hate you. Razz
I mean, come on, cell-phone applications to a Desktop computer where you can connect a perfectly working mouse and keyboard?

And this Windowed mode is true in 3D Accel (16-bit) mode?

...Actually, I wouldn't mind that. I like running my games in Windowed mode so that I can easily access other programs in the background (like Skype, chat, Web to google stuff).

But not being able to join a game is a problem...

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