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| FIX ( Updated ) - November 2nd, 2014 |

The JK_AMD_FIX is complete!

It includes the 3D acceleration fix as well as an updated border flickering fix that should work with every version of DF2 and MotS! Yes, that includes the unofficial patches !

Google Drive
File Upload

A readme is included with instructions!

The normal ddraw.dll is not required when using the atiumdag.dll. You'll still need it to
fully utilize the newest unnoficial patch, though.

While 3D acceleration is restored, it would seem that software mode is broken.

| FIX - October 28th, 2014 |

Thanks to user teleguy for finding this fix!

First, simply drop one of the .dll files from this link: into the game's directory. Either should work.

Then, to remove the flickering border that you'll likely have, run teleguy's fix:

Teleguy: "I've created a new version that also applies to Mysteries of the Sith. I've added a batch file to make installation easier. Just extract all files to any place you want and run install.bat with admin rights. If you already installed "Jedi Knight Flicker Fix" uninstall it first."

PS: Installing the Microsoft Compatibility Toolkit is not required for the fix to work. [/quote]

*Everything in this post applies to both Dark Forces 2 and Mysteries of the Sith

| "Unable to Set Video Mode" Error |

Unfortunatly AMD video drivers post 13.1 WHQL seem to break 3D acceleration in this game.

Those using an AMD GPU with the game's 3D acceleration setting enabled will likely recieve this error message if using any of the following drivers:

( List updated: January 27th, 2014 )

  • 13.3 Beta
  • 13.4 WHQL
  • 13.5 Beta
  • 13.6 Beta
  • 13.8 Beta
  • 13.9 WHQL ( Breaks software mode as well )
  • 13.10 Beta
  • 13.11 Beta
  • 13.12 WHQL


There is currently no known fix for 3D acceleration other than using an older video driver. This likely means that anyone using a card within the Rx 2xx series or newer will be unable to use 3D acceleration.
See top of post; there's a fix now

According to this post:
the 13.2 beta 7 also works.

| Software Mode Restoration via DXGL |
The drivers listed above can also have negative effects on software mode, such as rainbow-like textures and white boxes/dots scattered around. Thankfully, this can be fixed!

Thanks to user Digestion Machine for finding this!

Digestion Machine: "I found a workaround for this, it's not perfect but does get the game up and running.
You need to install DXGL, add the JK.exe to it and then the game will be playable. It seems that the game is really buggy with 3D Acceloration enabled, but with that turned off it actually ran fine. It crashed when trying to run it at my native resolution of 1920x1200, but ran perfectly at 1440x900."

Some important things to note when using DXGL:

- You will not be able to use the normal ddraw.dll fix from the JKHUB with DXGL, as DXGL adds its own ddraw.dll to the same directory as the selected application. Before adding the JK.exe or JKM.exe to DXGL's list of applications, make sure you remove or rename the JKHUB ddraw.dll if you have it. Otherwise, DXGL will be unable to create its ddraw.dll.

- Make sure that the "Backbuffer to System Memory" setting is disabled, otherwise the game will crash every time you enter and exit the game's menu.

- As noted in Digestion Machine's post, you will likely find the game crashing if you run it at too high of a resolution. I was able to get to 1600x900.

| Other usefull posts & guides! |

A guide that'll help get the game running on a modern PC:

Tarvis' patch to restore the game's music for the Steam version:

Good information for those who are using Windows 8:

An easy way for AMD GPU users to add custom resolutions:

My system Specifications:

Motherboard: GA-990FXA-UD3 Rev 1.1 Bios F9
CPU: Phenom II x4 965 BE @ 3.8Ghz
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7850 XFX DD
SPU: Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 4
RAM: 4Gigs DDR3 1333Mhz Dual Channel
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

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Really? That's a bummer. I have AMD 13.1 drivers as well and JK runs properly (and I only updated to those drivers because they supposedly fixed a Dishonoured stuttering issue, but it didn't even work in my case....).

Sadly the people who made ddraw.dll aren't around anymore so the chances of a possible updated version currently are at 0% :\

A genuine shame.
Post 25-Jul-2013 05:11        

I'm ignorant as to what goes in to making something like the ddraw.dll.

Was it an official fix? Or was it something created via the community?
Post 25-Jul-2013 18:48        

If I remember correctly, ZeqMacaw made it via utilizing the same modifications to JK.EXE as the unofficial patches did. Someone else might have helped him out.

But now Zeq is long gone (phew!), Sige as well (he's the one who came up with the first patches) and Xzero (the one responsible for the TODOA TC patch for instance) also ain't hanging around these places anymore.

Perhaps one day someone else will feel bored enough to take a shot at trying to make JK.EXE more up-to-date.
Post 27-Jan-2014 18:27        

aRadiatedNoodle - I can confirm this as well. I recieved the same errors even with the DDRAW.DLL.

Post 06-Mar-2014 13:54

Try using Aqrit's ddraw.dll, it fixes a lot of the compatibility problems that most old DirectDraw games have. I'm using it on Windows 8, but I don't know how well it works on 7 and below
Post 02-Nov-2014 22:56        

Oy! So a user on Steam who goes by the name 'teleguy' found that you can take the atiumdag.dll from a 13.1 or 13.2 beta 7 driver install and drop it into the game's directory. This restores 3D acceleration for AMD cards! Horaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!

The only thing that was left after this brilliant little fix was a flickering border around the game... which sucked. You can remove it via some 3rd party borderless gaming software, but they had a few little problems of their own with this game.

What resulted was him making a little patch that basically tells windows to remove the border of the game completely. The newest .sdb should handle all current versions of DF2 and MotS, including unofficially patched binaries!

Google Drive
File Upload

I've also updated the main post here

Would it be ideal to maybe include this fix on to front page alongside the ddraw fix? I feel it's just as important, considering that every user using an AMD card and newer drivers will be unable to play this game without it.

Oh, also! Tarvis, I tried that ddraw.dll and it didn't work on my end :/ . Same 'ol error about a lack of memory.
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