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Post 14-Nov-2008 02:22        

What controls what animations actors do and when while they just sit there? Basically, I just want to be able to turn them off for cutscenes (so stormtroopers don't itch their necks every two seconds).
Post 05-Nov-2011 05:53        

Sorry for the lateness of this reply. But now that I have played with pjedi a bit ....

1 open your actor in pjedi and make a keyframe with one frame with the actor posed how you want them. save it.

2 make a new pup file referencing your key file. ( you can replace all of them or if you are sure no other keys will be played just put replace the stand key.)

3 now you can either create a new actor template with the new pup file or use cogs to change the pup file an actor uses. (the first one is easier)

Make sure the pups go in the misc/pups folder and the keys go in the 3do/key folder! I have made this mistake before.

No more itchy stormtroopers.
Post 08-Nov-2011 14:25        

Here's another one. At start of cutscene, make the stormies loop through one key file.

int sk0 local

sk0 = PlayKey(stormie0, standkey, 1, 0x0);
#hndl =       thing,    keyframe,    flags = looping

At the end of cutscene, return their natural state.

StopKey(stormie0, sk0, 0.25);
#       thing,    hndl,stop delay

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