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Greetings! I'm running Windows 8.1 64bit w/ an AMD 7970 graphics card, and I finally got Jedi Knight working w/ 3d acceleration by downgrading to earlier drivers, using the ddraw.dll fix, and using the unofficial patch. It lets me select 32bpp resolutions, and all is well. If I try to set a 16bpp resolution, I'll get the issue where it will only work w/ the crosshair disabled and view size maxed.

Now the issue is... I installed the unofficial MoTS patch, installed the ddraw for MoTS... So I figured it should work just like JK does... The problem is, it won't let me select a 32bpp resolution, only 16bpp resolutions are in the options for some reason, which causes the issue where I'll have a black screen unless the crosshair is disabled to crop up.

Any ideas why I can select a 32bpp resolution in JK but not MoTS?


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