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Post 11-Apr-2015 19:25        

Now available on

As for why I erased all of my projects on JKHub? Let's just say that the current state of the JK community disgusts me. And I was the one defending it for a long, long time.

I'm sure someone has backup copies somewhere.

Time to take off.

Post 11-Apr-2015 23:14        

What do you mean by ''disgusts me''? What have we done?

Is this really FastGamerr? Or is someone messing with this site again?

I have a hard time believing FastGamerr would really erase his projects. Besides, I didn't think it was possible to delete projects? Am I right?

Post 13-Apr-2015 09:20        

If there had been a way to remove my projects, I'd have done that instead of erasing them, but Giraffe never responded to my message on the matter.

I've never had issues with you, T-800, or for most people that were active on the hub during the TODOA and initial post-TODOA eras (except for Zeq, to be honest, but I'm glad I found out that a lot of other people dislike him as well).

But the way things are now with ReTards and other vermin, well, you're on your own.

(As for gbk's antics in the other thread, that's just our brand of humor, he hasn't been hacked either.)

Farewell, T-800, and always remember that my major JK releases: TODOA and JK13 will always be available on ModDB as long as that site exists.
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Post 13-Apr-2015 10:16        

It's been a constant policy from the very start to not provide for deleting projects - the very idea of this place was to provide permanent storage. I'm disappointed you feel you had to remove yourself from the community FG, hope all goes well for you in the future. I will fix things up so we don't have empty projects floating around.
Post 13-Apr-2015 13:31        

Giraffe, check JK Hub Level Commentaries project page. Someone posted my password there. And I don't think this is really FastGamerr because we here haven't had any arguments with him that I can find.

Post 13-Apr-2015 14:35        

Giraffe wrote:
FG, hope all goes well for you in the future.

Thanks, Giraffe - I wish you the same. Hopefully one day JKHub can be properly redesigned to get rid of the PHPBB vulnerabilities?

T-800, I'm sorry that you've got caught in the crossfire by the same trash who have hacked this site before (and got a lot of passwords on the way, among other things), but I recommend you (and everyone else, in fact) to reset your passwords.

And if you ever wonder if you're dealing with the real FGR, just remember that I am a hack, not a hacker.

But I've stretched my departure from the JK community for long enough. All the best!

Never forget TODOA!

Post 13-Apr-2015 17:47        

If you are the real FastGamerr, (and saying to remember that you are a hack not a hacker is totally useless for knowing if you are or not), then I am sorry that you want to leave. I wish you would tell us exactly what it is that is bothering you. I thought the Hub was a pretty nice place, so I'd like to know why you feel compelled to leave.

Post 14-Apr-2015 03:25        

I thought he was perfectly clear.

Zeq was a terrible, irresponsible admin who repeatedly put a lot of trust in destructive people who, as it turns out, grew up to be literal criminals on literal probation. If my passwords weren't unique and randomly generated I probably would have peaced out just like FGR (and I basically have, anyway).
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Post 14-Apr-2015 08:18        

FastGamerr wrote:
Hopefully one day JKHub can be properly redesigned to get rid of the PHPBB vulnerabilities?

It's likely not just phpBB vulns, the whole site was hacked together when I knew a lot less, and untwisting it into a sane maintainable structure is painstaking work that I don't have a lot of time for. I'm working on it though.
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Post 14-Apr-2015 08:19        

Jon`C wrote:
put a lot of trust in destructive people

Well, yes, that didn't help.
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