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Post 18-Apr-2015 06:11        

FastGamerr! Why did you have to freaking delete all your projects!? Who are you trying to punish and for what? That being said, does anyone have a backup of his Mysteries of the Sith graphical update?
Post 18-Apr-2015 13:18        

Revan wrote:
FastGamerr! Why did you have to freaking delete all your projects!?

I thought he explained that in his last post. Did you even read it?
Post 20-Apr-2015 16:53

Last edited by FastGamerr on 20-Apr-2015 19:27; edited 3 times in total
Post 20-Apr-2015 17:28        

Thank you, Fastgamerr. I wish you the best! Take care!
Post 20-Apr-2015 19:27        

Take care, Revan, I'm sorry you got caught in all this.

Now I've got nothing more to say to any of you.
Post 21-Apr-2015 15:13        

@Revan - The Hub is being hacked, and this is believed to NOT be the real FastGamerr. Me, Gibbagobba, and Ogel45 believe that the real FastGamerr wouldn't erase his projects like that. There is also other evidence that this is someone who has hacked FGR's account and is masquerading as him. So, you are probably not talking to the real FGR, and probably not to the real gbk.

Post 21-Apr-2015 15:36        

T-800 wrote:
So, you are probably not talking to the real FGR, and probably not to the real gbk.

Post 21-Apr-2015 15:50        

T-800: ffs, man.

It's the real FGR, he's indicated his intent to do this many times in the past, he's posting from his real IP address, he's uploading his content on his real Moddb account, etc. The only way to further prove it's him would be if you flew to Finland yourself and watched him type it out.

Edit: and a bonus. He's not deleting his projects. He's deleting them from here. Big difference.

Can't believe I had to login here just to do this.
Post 21-Apr-2015 18:31        

@Cool Matty: Okay then. IF it IS the real FGR and gbk, than I am sorry for making such a fuss. You must understand though that I have been talking to others such as Gibbagobba, Ogel45 and Trank, and they have also been under the impression that is not the real FGR. As for gbk, I don't know if it is the real one or not. But I am not alone in believing that this may not be the real FGR. If it is, than I am sorry for making such a commotion.

Post 21-Apr-2015 18:43        

It's not an if. Trank barely knows who FGR even is, Ogel45 hasn't been around in ages, and Gibbagobba wouldn't have a clue either.

GBK is also GBK, full stop.
Post 21-Apr-2015 18:49        

@Cool Matty - What do you mean by ''Ogel45 hasn't been around in ages''?

Do you mean on Massassi? Because on the Hub he is quite active.

Post 21-Apr-2015 18:54        

Your idea of "Active" varies quite a lot from mine. And yes.
Post 21-Apr-2015 18:57        

Okay. Thanks for clarifying.

Post 21-Apr-2015 19:31        

Ogel45 is what I like to call the lurker type. He only post if he has somthing to say. He also talks about himself in third person sometimes.
Post 23-Apr-2015 05:55        

What if this isn't the real T-800, but an imposter? That perhaps he is from the future was sent back in time to kill the real T-800 and take his place?
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