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Post 05-Jun-2015 21:23        

Don't use JKLauncher to install the patch. Download it manually from the JKhub and follow the instructions provided with it. Make sure that you make a copy of the original JK.exe file before you apply the patch in case something goes wrong.
Post 05-Jun-2015 23:20        

hello, i installed the patch by myself and it's works fine, but when i put the folder JKE and the JKE.bat file from JkEnhaced in the Jedi Knight folder the game stucks in a black screen
Post 06-Jun-2015 02:34        

Just stick the JKE.gob file in the Mods folder and run from JKlauncher
Post 06-Jun-2015 12:03        

Hello, i put the file in the mod folder, deleted the JKE.bat, pen jklauncher, activated the mod in the mod's tab of the jklauncher, but when i runned the game, from the Jedi Knight folder (JK.exe)the game stucks in a black screen, and i tried to run the game by the shortcut and the game don't stucks in a black screen but the mod don't work Neutral
Post 09-Jun-2015 00:30        

Did you patch the JK.exe per the JKE instructions?
Post 13-Jun-2015 22:05        

Yes, for sure!
Post 29-Aug-2015 12:56        

hello again!
I bought a new computer and installed a Windows 7 64-bit on it, i installed JK with the alternative installer, and i installed the jk enhanced, i put the cd and started the game. And that's when I started to have countless problem.

the first was that the cutscenes were black without image.

the second was that the video settings had no choice 3d acceleration and the resolution pick box all were in 8 bits.
and not to mention that the game was in widescreen.

and the last was when I started the game, the mod had worked, but all the textures were broken.

Thank since then

(Sorry for my bad english)
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