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Post 10-May-2015 04:29        

Hello guys,

I've tested the enhanced pack for JK DF 2, but the textures are all mixed up, take a look:

Can anyone help me?


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Post 10-May-2015 05:29        

None of your links work.
Post 10-May-2015 05:51        

CaptBewil wrote:
None of your links work.

I've fixed.
Post 10-May-2015 14:20        

And? any help?
Post 13-May-2015 01:29        

Aaargh! Anybody happened this problem?

What I'm doing bad?

Post 14-May-2015 01:01        

Seems that putting both files:


...into the RESOURCE folder make the problem was solved.

The JKE.gob file (1.0 version) can be downloaded from:

The problem with this JKE.gob version is that the package includes an older Unofficial Patch, especifically the 2006-12-04 version.

I recomend that you don't install this patch and chose this other one (2008-01-16 version):

And the JKR.gob file (0.4 version) can be downloaded from:

I hope that to anyother can help too.

See ya!


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