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Post 10-Feb-2016 05:11        

Hello JKHub,

I need your help: Is there any way that the mod Fatal Resistance can be edited to work with custom levels? As it stands, the only levels that can be played are the ones that are included with the mod. All other levels that are loaded with this mod will crash...

Is there any way around this? Or will I have to just pass on the opportunity to play this mod since the levels made for it aren't anything special.

I was thinking that there should be some code/setting in the gob that we can change/remove to prevent the crashing but I don't have a gob editor handy at the moment.

Thanks for your help.

Post 10-Feb-2016 06:51        


There is an easy way to do it, but it requires some messing with the mod files. I believe copying all templates inside a level's JKL to the mod's static.jkl should do the trick.

However, it wouldn't be possible to play with other people. You wouldn't be able to hurt anyone due to a classic engine limitation that makes modding for MP a lot harder. Also, The mod itself is meant to be run on the levels made specifically for it, so you would probably also be facing issues when playing it in any other level, such as power ups not giving the right items, or not all weapons being available, and I don't think the mod has any SP support whatsoever, so the only thing you could do would be to play on MP by yourself.

Maybe you could fake some RBots support by copying the mod's kyle.cog and renaming it to rbot-player.cog.

I'll try doing this and I'll tell you how it works out.

Sorry, I tried it, but no luck. I got it to run without crashing, but also without weapons and sounds, so it was just completely useless.
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