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Post 11-Feb-2016 01:06        

Back in the day I used to have a big pile of multiplayer maps for Jedi Knight : Dark Forces 2, One of which was "jedi High School".. Of all the searching Ive done, it has all brought me here. Ive tried searching the forums here to no avail. Does anyone have a link to, or know where I can find any of the OG mods?
Post 11-Feb-2016 01:29        

Hey, I got you man.

That is Jedi High School.

Also you should check out that archive, it has almost everything ever released for JK.
Post 11-Feb-2016 01:39        

RIGHT ON! I recently re-purchased this game on steam. Feel free to add me ' (-=Dr-Ellis=-) ' I have a bunch of derelict systems here too, If anybody ever wants a server for any reasons. I got bandwith to spare.. Thanks for the hookup
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