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Post 10-Jul-2016 01:54        

Turns out my midlife crisis involves me wanting to play the game that defined my childhood. I used to play on the zone all the time. My username back then was PerfectJamie because I was 10, and I didn't know that it will be better to create a nickname, entered my name into the zone registration, found the name was taken, and the zone suggested PerfectJamie. I am excited to be back in this community. So what has been happening since the early 00's?
Post 10-Jul-2016 12:59        

If you run through the Projects page, you may get an idea. Otherwise, 2014-2015 has been pretty quiet. You may also want to check on JKHub Level Commentaries, but nothing's gonna be updated there in a while, so don't pester Gibba on what to play next.

Otherwise, welcome back to the world of JK.

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Post 10-Jul-2016 13:09        

Got the unofficial updates, JKE, JKR and GlowSaberX. I'm ready to join MP games!
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