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Post 19-Sep-2016 15:13        

I have a new superior computer and i've installed JK with the Alternative installer, it works fine till i press the new game button, the game fullly loads and then it crashes. The message displayed is the following: video card may not have enough memory for this mode - Try a lower setting. Restoring previous setting. After clicking in OK, another message is shown: Error setting last valid display mode, please recheck display mode. How to fix this?

My pc settings:
AMD A8-7600 3.00 Ghz
AMD Radeon R7 1.00 GB
6gb ram
Post 21-Sep-2016 04:35        

Did you install the unofficial patches?
Post 21-Sep-2016 23:14        

That might be a compatibility issue. Try this. Before you launch a new game, click on settings, display, then enable 3D acceleration. That might fix it if you haven't already tried it.
Post 03-Dec-2016 13:20        

i patched the game and it still don't work, shows the same message.
Enabling 3d acceleration didn't worked either
Post 06-Feb-2017 01:25        

i still haven't found a solution, please help
Post 11-Apr-2017 10:15        

Have you tried the voodoo patch?
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