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Post 22-Sep-2016 09:47        

No matter what I do I get this error:

Error setting last valid display mode, please recheck display settings.

Any ideas?
Post 22-Sep-2016 15:03        

Hmm, try going into settings on the menu and changing the resolution before you start the game to one that you know for sure will work. Let me know if that fixes it.
Post 22-Sep-2016 18:17        


should have mentioned. Tried almost all of them. From the highest to the lowest. From 16 to 32 bit.
Post 22-Sep-2016 18:31        

FastGamerr wrote:
One solution that might work would be to install JK13 and only AFTER that, extracting the dgvoodoo DirectX8 DLLs into your main JK directory.

In fact, DGVoodoo has, as far as I know, an unbeatable record with getting old (DirectX) games to work on modern systems. There might be some lag, though!

From the other tread. This worked fine.
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