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Post 15-Aug-2016 15:44        

Does someone know how to get a hold of Giraffe? I'm assuming he's the one that would know how to fix this.
Post 21-Aug-2016 15:40        

I'm happy the site is back. Thanks to whoever made it!
Post 21-Aug-2016 19:13        

It wasn't long lasted.....
Post 29-Aug-2016 09:47        

Really seems like the site is on its last legs here.
Post 01-Sep-2016 17:36        

And again, a sign of life!

May the Force be with the hub!
Site Developer
Post 02-Sep-2016 10:02        

Sorry, I've been away, what was wrong with the site?
Post 04-Sep-2016 19:34        

Posts aren't showing up. Neither uploads of screenshots nor files work. Resources, tools and addons are down. I think that's it.
Post 28-Nov-2016 07:17        

Each time the newsposts disappear from the main page (after a certain time), ALL the other newsposts on the site disappear until some news item appears on the main page again.

Now that's bug-iffic.
Post 29-Nov-2016 09:20        

Yeah, just noticed that the news items from each individual project disappear.

And also an error when trying to post this post. Something about email notifs maybe? Didn't quite catch it.
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