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Post 27-Dec-2017 22:31        

I have the retail release of Jedi Knight with the Mysteries of the Sith expansion. I've installed both games and they work fine with the exception of not being able to use 3D acceleration. I've tried two different recommended ddraw.dll files, both the official and unofficial patches, enabling the advanced video config, changing the minimum texture size, checking/unchecking Backbuffer in memory, all the available resolutions, etc. No matter what I try, all I get is this;

I can't use the DgVoodoo solution because it doesn't work with XP.

Am I just out of luck for 3D acceleration?

My system;

2.4Ghz Core-2-Duo
Windows XP Pro, SP3
Nvidia GT43 graphics card
Post 13-Jan-2018 01:40        

Hopefully someone here can help. But I've never had this issue before from windows 95 through windows 7 (I haven't tried it on 8 or 10 yet).
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