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Post 11-Jul-2018 19:29        

Did you consider making a roadmap for the project? Just so we can see the progress or what's a higher priority than some of the other stuff.


Also if you need help testing something post away. I would be glad to help.
Post 13-Jul-2018 00:10        

no roadmap, i mainly just work on whats fun or whats bugging me at the time. like 10 minutes ago i was playing through level 1 and it struck me that when bodies fall they don't make a sound so i fixed that right then.

i do try to keep the downloadable build and the info on fairly up-to-date. the most reading material is available in the Advanced functionality section on the site, or the research PDF download.

testing assistance is appreciated

#1 priority is fixing crashes; if you experience an outright crash i want to solve it immediately.

#2 priority is any problem or behavior which is not true to JK; but only for specific levels or situations. in other words, i don't need any reminders for blaringly obvious wrong stuff because i definitely know about it and have a fix in the works already
Post 01-Aug-2018 16:33        

Just a thought but after you've finished it and got everything working it would be really cool if smith engine could become its own standalone engine (replacing all the copyrighted assets ofc, then add some dynamic lightning and shaders to make it look modern) so you can use it to make commercial games.

I'd pay top dollar to use a JK based engine to make games since since I used to do a lot of modding/level editing and loved every moment of it. Maybe start a Kickstarter to get it funded.
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