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Post 20-Jul-2018 01:21        

Since the latest release:

- Added Assassin Class
- Added Sentinel Class
- Added Sorcerer Class
- Added Warlock Class
- Added Defender Class

- Added new, changed and/or balanced some Classes and Skills.
- Decreased defense penalty for Enforcer Skill 8 (Berserker's Focus).
- Executioner Skill 2 (Parry Stance) changed into Power Strike.
- Decreased MP Cost for Executioner Skill 6 (Swiftness).
- Executioner Skill 7 (Furious Thrust) is now a single-target attack.
- Inspector Skill 3 (Shadow Sight) changed into Warrior’s Focus.
- Decreased Inspector Skill 9 (Unholy Armor) physical defense bonus from 60% to 50%, while adding 20% defense to magical attacks.
- Slightly increased attack power for Enforcer class.
- Balanced attack/defense powers for all classes.

- Implemented all new Status Effect (buff/debuff) system. These extend beyond and replace the old class-specific buffs.

- Added new “Inventory” hotkey: Displays non-usable items currently in your inventory. Functionality is still in very early stages.

- Added new HUD functionalities:
- When transformed, you can now see your target’s status bars below your own.
- Icons are now displayed at the bottom left corner of the screen indicating Inventory status, PvP status or other alert messages.
- Active buff/debuff effect icons are now displayed next to your status bars on the upper left corner of the screen.

- Added new functions for Jump hotkey:
- You can now climb over walls of a certain height by clicking the Jump hotkey while facing them.
- You can also climb ladders the same way. (Only for JkGR specific levels).

- Added models for various GR equipment. Some are temporary/placeholders.
- Expanded/balanced RPG functionalities.
- Improved visual and audio effects.
- Added new player models.
- Added/enhanced several models.
- Added several new items.
- Expanded Star Wars support.
- Player’s class is now selected at random upon starting a new episode in Singleplayer.
- Changed the way “All Weapons” cheat functions so that it’s easier to obtain the desired weapons.
- Changed the way “All Items” cheat functions so that JKGR specific items are included.
- Fixed several critical issues with ledge hanging/wall climbing.
- Fixed issues with standing up after a knockdown.
- Fixed bug where “Critical Hit!” message would appear incorrectly.
- Several other tweaks, bug fixes and optimizations.
Post 20-Jul-2018 23:38        

- Added two new death animations based on Sariss' and Gamorrean Guard's.

- Changed Bot cogs to retrieve base Class stats from the Class' central cog.
- Changed Enforcer Bot Cog to use new methods of stat and buff controls and skills.
- Bots are now able to level up just like the player.
- XP/Level info for bots is now stored into central RPG cog upon shutdown so bots are not reset when starting a new level.
- Bot Debug Cam will now display bot's XP bar.
- Fixed bug where monster's level would display incorrectly when using Mob Debug Cam.
- Fixed several issues with Skills pointing to incorrect values.
- Fixed bug where nametags appeared to flip when switching to/from combat mode.

- Fixed issue with Enforcer's bot running speed after using Speedburst skill.
- Fixed minor issues with bullet collision effects.
- Tweaked car camera to be smoother.
- Tried several experiments with car collision/orientation code.
- Added (probably temporary) model for ammunition powerup.
- Fixed issue with Blade Rush skill in Enforcer bots.
- Fixed issue where status effects for Bots were not being reset upon death.
- Fixed issue where bots' XP levels were being retrieved incorrectly upon startup.

- XP earned by bots from hunting is now based on amount of damage they've dealt to monster, as it is for the player.
- Added various debug messages to bots' and mobs' cogs.
- Damage dealt by player or bot to mobs is reset when said player/bot dies, so they don't earn any XP if someone else finishes off a mob they couldn't. [not sure on this - might revert]
- If a player/bot is more than 40 meters from a mob they've dealt damage to at the moment the mob dies, they won't earn any XP for it.
- Heap slots for Bot damage list on mobs are now reset at the moment said mob dies to avoid more processing when respawning.
- Finally learned how to quickly convert car models into JK.
- Converted some more car models.
- Enhanced textures on Porsche 911.
- Added reverse gear whine.
- Made it easier to add settings for new cars.
- Cars will now actually lose speed when colliding.
- Several other enhancements and optimizations in car-related code.

- Reverted cleaning of damage dealt to monsters upon death, as deaths (and ressurrections) might happen while fighting certain bosses.
- Greatly improved car collision code. Ramming directly into a solid obstacle should now bring the car to a full stop.
- Converted (but not fully adapted yet) the following cars: 80s Toyota Corolla, Ford Probe, Chevrolet Corvette C5, Mercedes SL600, Mercedes CLK-GTR, Lamborghini Diablo SV.

- Optimized automatic grass cog.
- Converted (but not fully adapted yet) the following cars: Ford Cougar, Renault Clio.

- Converted generic traffic cars.
- Optimized Porsche 911 model.
- Significantly optimized HUD code.

- New McLaren F1 model.
- Added new colors for cars.
- Further optimized HUD code.

- Smoothened menu fonts a little.
- Made car performance settings easier to modify.

- Cars are now sensitive to FPS variations. Controls should be more consistent.
- Further optimized HUD/camera code, improved FPS a little.

- Changed some camera workings, FPS on external view now should be very close to that of internal.
- Fixed issues with HUD code where FOV wasn't adjusting correctly when aiming with a rifle or after NPC dialogue.
- Optimized/cleaned up Nametag code.
- Executioner Skills 8 and 9 are now giving their status effects correctly.
- Cleaned up/optimized misc visual effects code.
- Cleaned up jumping code (removed useless "returns" after "gotos").
- Fixed issue where "used" camera things were not being destroyed.
- Fixed issue where, for some reason, hanging/wall climbing offsets were placing player inside wall - when and why did I make this happen?
- Slightly improved car handbrake mechanics so that now it's harder to control car while handbrake is held.
- Changed car gear mechanics so that now car top speed is limited by current gear, added support for manual transmission.

- Cleaned up/optimized car code.
- Completely rewrote basic car mechanics, trying to come up with 100% cog-controlled velocities to overcome limitations with JK physics.
Post 02-Aug-2018 05:15        

- More brutal enhancements to car mechanics. Drag/grip now varies depending on the situation. Handbraking increases forward drag significantly, while decreasing lateral drag. Driving on wet surfaces also decreases grip.

- Added very temporary fix for car engine sound pitch.
- Some other general changes to car cog, mostly cleanup.

- Implemented (maybe temporary) functional car engine mechanics and automatic transmission.
- (Mostly) corrected reverse gear behaviour.
- More cleanup in car code, fixed issue with tire sounds not changing correctly when changing surface types.
- Monsters will now go after other targets that have previously attacked them if they lose their current target.
- Cleanup in monster handle cog.

- Started progress on Sorcerer AI.
- Changed Enforcer AI cog to use PlayMode() instead of PlayKey().
- Balanced defenses on Wizard characters.

- Fixed bug where camera would not start correctly in Multiplayer.
- Fixed issue where wall grabbing would place player model slightly inside wall.
- Leaving dog in the refrigerator for too long will now make it like you less.
- Monsters will now check for thing's signature when going after a previous target.
- Added temporary model for "Blood" armor.

- Half-implemented an extremely dodgy car jumping method mostly for testing purposes.
- Fixed reverse gear whine pitch.
- Car will now lose speed by going offroad.
- Added a debug option for printing 0-100 acceleration times.
- Tweaked car acceleration rates for accurate 0-100 times.
- Implemented friction forces into car code. Car shouldn't drift if slow enough.

- Enhanced car jumping code, should be more reliable/stable now.
- Car grip is decreased if accelerating when drifting.
- Added new car: Buggatti Veyron.
- Fixed bug that caused STA to be consumed twice when jumping.

- Made a new possible appearance for the Dark Palace exterior.

- Tweaked car offroad behavior.
- Started a new city level.

- Expanded city level.

- Cleaned up/optimized car code.
- Streetlights in new city level will now be turned off during daytime.
- Did some car crash/collision related experiments, nothing really useful came out.
- Slightly increased base car grip to compensate for grip loss when accelerating.

- Slightly altered colors on daytime sky.
- Cleaned up Skill 4 code.
- Fixed issue with leftover DestroyThing() in ladder climbing code.
- Tweaked "tolerance" for surfaces to be considered flat enough to climb.
- Fixed bug where any surface with a flat upper edge was considered climbable.
- Tweaked McLaren F1 model, wheels will now rotate.
- Changed light flare cog so that now flare's maximum range can be adjusted via UserData.
- Tweaked McLaren F1 colors.

- Altered colors on nighttime sky.
- Added new car: Jaguar XJ220.

- Changed textures on wet asphalt.
- Altered day/night cog so as to support in-game time changes.
- Worked on city level.
- Altered colors on rainy evening sky.
- Optimized car code.

- Added door sound when entering/leaving car.
- Fire particles will now come out of car's exhaust when switching gears.
- Made rainy clouds transparent so that texture tiling becomes less apparent when blended with the background.
- Made airplane warning lights flashing frequency random so that they don't look all perfectly synchronized.
- Added "hasTurbo" variable to cars. It's merely a aesthetic option. If set to 1, car will make turbo whine and have fire coming out of exhaust when switching gears.
- Changed car exhaust fire effect, added various new turbo-related sound effects.
- Cleaned up sprint cog.
- Reimplemented nitrous, can be used with "jump" hotkey.
- Fixed bug where skid sound wouldn't play if gone offroad.
- Expanded city level.

- Moved car jump speed calculation from orientation to velocity section. Behaviour seems much more stable and consistent now.
- Now every once in a while an airplane will be visible in the city's sky.
- Fixed bug that caused traffic generator cog to stall after a certain amount of generations if only one route was being used.
- Made cloud textures somewhat smoother through 16-bit dithering.
- Changed Special FX cog naming from "class_*.cog" to "fx_*.cog".

- Changed "SetSurfaceLight" to "SetSurfaceLightMode" in window lights cog as the former was breaking sector lights.

- Worked on city level, added more buildings.
- Implemented a checkpoint race/time trial test run into the city level.
- Experiment: changed the car thing type from "cog" to "player". This way I can make certain car-specific powerups, and it is necessary for the checkpoint system I'm currently using. For some reason having the car type set to "player" makes certain physics aspects act oddly (mostly staggering when falling), but nothing too grave.

- Changed some buildings in city level.
- OGG music (to be provided with JKGR) on the JK/Music folder will now play when driving cars.

- OGG music is now controlled via a central cog, with a hotkey (Select 5) to skip/stop music.
- Added Chairman Kim Jong Un Riding a Dinosaur as an enemy monster model.

- Made Level-based driveable car cog, placed various driveable cars hidden around the city.
- Changed engine sounds for some cars.
- Checkpoint race cog will now display time with right formatting (59:59.99)
- Fixed issue with cars where headlights weren't being turned off.

- Changed song list.
- Changed Lamborghini Diablo SV model.
- Added new car: Lister Storm.
- Tweaked car performances and camera speed.

- Tweaked Lister Storm model and textures.
- Tweaked Mercedes SL600 model and textures.

- Changed Mercedes CLK-GTR model and textures.
Post 01-Sep-2018 23:12        

- Added new car: El Niño.
- Decreased Mana cost for basic Skill 6 (Heal).
- Car-related VFX are made simpler when enhanced effects are disabled.

- Changed engine sounds for McLaren F1 and El Niño.

- Changed Lamborghini Diablo SV model and textures.

- Tweaked performance for certain cars.
- Tweaked McLaren F1 model and textures.

- Further tweaked McLaren F1 model and textures.
- Tweaked Dar'Kroiatejj player model and textures.
- Fixed issue with car HUD on 4:3 aspect ratio.

- Tweaked Smell (3) player model.
- Fixed an issue where player would have odd orientation when leaving car when not lying flat.
- Fixed an issue where using certain skills could give player an odd orientation.

- Changed song list.
- Changed "call" to "goto" in powerup cogs.

- Added temporary interior model for Diablo SV.

- Decreased casting time for Warlock Skill 7 (Expose Weakness).
- Tweaked Diablo SV model, wheels will now rotate.
- Car interior mesh is now hidden in external view.

- Buffed Assassin Class: Decreased MP cost for Skills 1 (Low Kick) and 2 (Shadow Run); Increased critical probabilty for Skill 10 (Assassinate); Decreased casting time for Skill 8 (Expose Weak Point).

- Slightly decreased Cooldown and MP cost for Assassin Skill 5 (Backstab), slightly decreased base damage.
- Slightly decreased Cooldown for Assassin Skill 1 (Low Kick).
Post 01-Oct-2018 19:35        

Curious: does your most recent update utilize the changes Quib Mask made recently...?
Post 02-Oct-2018 01:36        

That's the JK version I've been using, but there's not any essential new functionalities in Quib's patch that would make the latest JKGR incompatible with previous versions. Both JK2013 and Quib's JK2018 would work perfectly fine, but nothing earlier than that.
Post 13-Oct-2018 22:19        

- Sorcerer: Slightly decreased MP cost for Skills 4 (Unholy Discharge), 5 (Death Mark) and 9 (Death Mark Consumption).

- Cleaned up some Skill Cogs.
- Inspector: Removed deprecated message use in Skill 11 (Soul Penetration).

- Cog cleanup.
- Fixed incorrect behavior when attacking immediatly after changing weapons.

- Assassin: Changed effect duration for Skill 6 (Critical Focus) from 15 to 30 seconds; for Skill 9 (Killer Instinct) from 15 to 20 seconds.
- Assassin: Changed cooldown time for Skill 6 (Critical Focus) from 20 to 40 seconds; for Skill 9 (Killer Instinct) from 30 to 40 seconds.
- Defender: Changed effect duration for Skill 1 (Power Boost) from 15 to 30 seconds.
- Defender: Changed cooldown time for Skill 1 (Power Boost) from 20 to 40 seconds.
- Executioner: Changed effect duration for Skill 6 (Swiftness) from 10 to 15 seconds.
- Executioner: Changed cooldown time for Skill 6 (Swiftness) from 16 to 20 seconds.

- Assassin: Increased base poison effect damage for Skill 7 (Venomous Sting) from 9 to 11.
- Assassin: Changed Skill 8 (Expose Weak Point) name to Preparation, increased range from 10m to 20m, decreased defense reduction from 15% to 10%. Target will instantly turn to attack caster without attracting nearby enemies.
- Warlock: Skill 5 (Master of Puppets) area of effect has been changed to a 10m radius around the caster from the old up to 20m in front of the caster. Decreased base casting time from 1 to 0.8 seconds.
- Warlock: Decreased defense reduction effect for Skill 6 (Expose Weakness) from 15% to 12.5%.
- Fixed bug that caused shadow on Lamborghini Diablo model not to disappear when car is off ground.
- Skill cog cleanup, changed some "call/return" into "goto".

- Added visual effect to enemy targeted by Warlock Skill 5 (Master of Puppets).
- Fixed bug that caused the game to stall when using Warlock Skill 5 (Master of Puppets).
- Fixed issue with Warlock Skill 5 (Master of Puppets) where it was possible to make a monster attack itself.
- Fixed issue where Assassin Skill 10 (Assassinate) was still asking for "Expose Weak Point" effect rather than "Preparation".

- Changed standing animation for female characters wielding sword+shield type melee weapons.
- Balanced hunting XP gain in Bloody Forest region.
- Added more placeholder armor models for Knight and Ranger classes.

- Added Monster Skill 9 (Poison Attack).
- Assassin Skill 7 (Venomous Sting) will now attempt poison effect with a chance of failure.
- Gave Poison Attack skill to certain monsters.
- Removed Ranged Attack skill from Canyon Yeti monster.
- Fixed some oddities with attack animations on female characters.
- Removed unused markers in certain keyframes.
- Fixed incorrect puppet on female Executioner and Inquisitor characters.
- Tweaked speed and spread of some particle effects.
- Changed model for Lesser Beast Maniac monster.
- Fixed issue where NPC support magic's cost wasn't being subtracted from player's inventory.
- New player model: Clara.
- Changed model for Greater Cave Beast monster.
- Balanced spawn rate for Strong monsters in Lesser Beast Territory and Argenarret Sanctuary (Lower Level) regions.

- Tweaked Clara player model and textures.
- Lowered double-tap time from 0.3 to 0.2 seconds on Camera/HUD control cog so as to avoid unwanted or accidental input.

- Tweaked monster AI settings.
- Defender: Fixed issue where Skill 8 (Bleeding Fury) was giving Power Boost effect instead of Bleeding Fury.
- Defender: Increased duration for Skill 8 (Bleeding Fury) effect from 15 to 25 seconds.
- Made 8-bit versions of some armor textures so that some player models will render correctly on Multiplayer menu.
- Expanded level functionalities in Heart of Argenia area.
- Worked on Chamber of Sorrow level.
- Tweaked volume on some music tracks.
- Moved Argenarret Sanctuary area into a separate level.
- Expanded level functionalities in Argenarret Sanctuary area.
- Made two new alternate generic NPC models.
- Tweaked Clara player model and textures, made eyes blink.
- Slightly decreased hit time for Assassin Skill 5 (Backstab) so that it matches the animation better.
- DevShop NPC will now increase player's Attribute levels along with Rank.
- Updated some sections of the manual.
- Implemented missing Defender Skill 10 (Deathcrush).
- Tweaked Jaguar XJ220 textures.

- Tweaked Clara player model and textures.
- Tweaked "smash" Skill use animation for Defender class.
- Fixed broken DevShop NPC cog.
- Already existing raindrops on screen will now continue their animation if rain stops.
Post 04-Nov-2018 04:27        

- Added placeholder model for Assassin's Pioneer Dagger.

- Fixed bug where attacking a pack-type monster would only trigger a reaction from a single monster of the same pack if any were nearby.
- Added placeholder model for Assassin's Blood Dagger.
- Added more placeholder armor models for Ranger classes.
- Changed skill list to certain monsters in Argenarret Sanctuary.
- Increased base damage for Poison Attack monster skill from 25% of monster's attack power to 33.33%.
- [Experimental] Lowered default XP/Quest/Money/Drop multiplier rates from 3/3/6/1 to 1/1/3/1.
- [Experimental] Cut STA regeneration rates for all classes in half.
- Maximum Level/Rank Inventory bin values have been lowered from 200/20 to 100/10.

- Fixed issue with POV camera position after rolling.
- Decreased MP Cost for Inspector's physical attack skills.
- Slightly decreased MP Cost for Sorcerer's skills.
- Using Assassin's "Assassinate" skill will now instantly turn off target's "Preparation" effect.

- Changed song list.

- [Experimental] Changed car turning method. Car should be harder to control at higher speeds and countersteering is now necessary to maintain drifting.
- Fixed incorrect song lengths.

- Car sideways speed loss is now greatly reduced when countersteering so as to make drifting easier.
- Car turning rate is no longer cut in half when accelerating.

- Increased grip for all cars by 50%.
- Car HUD now has its own damage and nitrous bar displays, no longer linked to player's MP and STA.
- Removed unnecessary parts in car code.

- Further decreased MP Cost for Inspector's physical attack skills.
- Updated MP Cost values for Inspector bot skills.

- Tapping brake or handbrake before steering will now allow driver to perform much sharper turns.
- Fixed bug where Rogue class stats were always being used regardless of the player's actual class.
- Decreased Executioner Skill 6 (Swiftness) Speed bonus from 20% to 10%.

- Fixed bug which could cause player's collide size to shrink after ledge hanging.
- Changed base Physical/Magic Attack power and Critical Attack rate/power power for each class.
- Tweaked colors and textures on Mercedes CLK-GTR.

- Updated Dar'Kroiatejj portraits in Argenia
- Fixed issue were regeneration related stats were decreasing rates instead of increasing.
Post 06-Dec-2018 16:59        

- Added some extra buildings in city level.

- Added bots/botroutes to separate Argenarret Sanctuary level.
- Added placeholder models for Hero of Argenia and Immortal weapons for the Defender class.

- Bots will now no longer be aggressive to monsters that are up to 10 levels above their own.

- Fixed issue that caused bots not to attack any monster first.
- Added AI for Assassin class.
- Fixed issue where Enforcer AI Skill 2 was resetting cooldown for Skill 4.
- Fixed issue that caused status effects that were given post-mortem to last forever upon respawn.
- Finished AI for Sorcerer class.
- Implemented PvB combat arena level type.
- Bots now won't attack enemy targets inside peace zones (sector flag 0x20).
- Player and bots will no longer lose any XP for dying inside war zones (sector flag 0x200).
- Player is now unable to target bots inside peace zones (sector flag 0x20).
- [Experimental] Target-locking will now increase priority for closerby targets.
- Dead actors/players can no longer receive buffs.

- Implemented missing Starfall (Sorcerer Skill 10) skill for Sorcerer AI.
- Added an icon for Preparation (Assassin Skill 8) skill effect.
- Fixed issue where Inspector AI would sometimes get stuck in spellcasting pose.
- Added an icon for Expose Spirit (Sorcerer Skill 6) skill effect.
- Started progress on Executioner AI.
- Tweaked appearance on Argenia guard NPCs.
- Fixed issue where Ferocity skill (Enforcer Skill 3) had no MP cost on AI.
- Added Executioner bots to Death Arena level.
- Added partial botroutes to Shadow Canyon region.
- Added more bots to Shadow Canyon region.
- Tweaked inconsistent attack delay after using Earthquake and Deathcrush skills (Defender skills 7 and 10).
- Added placeholder model for Light weapon for Defender class.

- Fixed Final Force (Executioner Skill 9) skill name (was previously appearing as "Flaming Blade").
- Fixed critical issue regarding Immortal state weapon and armor appearances.
- Fixed issue where entering Immortal state wouldn't change weapon and armor appearances.
- Added placeholder models for all Immortal state equipment.
- Rewrote code for Earthquake (Defender Skill 7) for more consistent behavior. Should now work regardless of terrain height differences.
- Fixed sound for Sorcerer AI Spiritual Blast (Skill 2).
- Human bots will now be tagged as "Ro'roi Garojna" instead of "Argeni Garojna".
- Added placeholder model for Improved Unholy and Dark Soul weapons for Defender class.
- Worked on Chamber of Sorrow level.
- Tweaked base defenses for all classes.
- Changed base Spellcasting speed for all classes.

- Fixed faulty Unholy Discharge (skill 4) visual effect for Sorcerer AI.
- Fixed faulty Death Mark (skill 5) damage effect for Sorcerer AI.
- Fixed faulty Venomous Sting (skill 7) damage effect for Assassin AI.
- Began working on new skill handling system.
- Changed Skill system completely. This means a lot of rewriting is necessary before JKGR is fully playable again.
- Made "Counterattack" effect into a buff.
- Started adapting skills into new system. 21 done so far.

- Made "Dash" and "Speedburst" effects into buffs.
- Adapted 18 more skills into new system. 40 total.
- Fixed several issues with previously rewritten skills.
- Iron Charge, Speedburst, and Blade Rush skills will now check for Counterattack effect.
- Made "Sharpshooting", "Shadow Run", "Stealth" and "Quick Step" effects into buffs.
- Superior Wizardry spellcasting speed bonus increased from 20% to 40%.

- Made modifications to AI cogs to allow them to use the new skill system.
- Made modifications to new skill cogs to allow them to be used by AI.
- Enforcer class is now fully adapted to new skill system.
- Arrow attacks/skills now check for Sharpshooting effect.
- Skills will now return 1 when used, 0 when not used and -1 when not found.
- Bots will now use the new skill system.
- Adapted 4 more skills into new system. 44 total.
- Finished actor skill list/cooldown handler cog. Any actor that uses skills should be registered for their own skill list. Each actor can have up to 48 skills and up to 64 actors can be registered at once. Unregistered actors will either not be able to use skills or will be able to use them without cooldown.
- Fixed MP consumption for Sharpen Spirit skill.

- Fixed issue that caused Toggle type skills to not be deactivated correctly when out of MP.
- Adapted 5 more skills into new system. 49 total.
- Bots will now ask central Class handling cog for skill list.
- Setting 0x400 Actor Flags will now also force bots into walking mode.

- Adapted 2 more skills into new system. 51 total.

- Adapted 7 more skills into new system. 58 total.
- Assassin class was fully adapted to new skill system.

- Adapted 1 more skill into new system. 59 total.
- Started work on Unholy armor for Hybrid class characters.
- Made it so player/actor's movement speed can be easily changed through status effect modifiers.
- Tweaked speed bonus for speed-related buff effects.
- Bots will now have their movement speed reduced when not moving forwards just like the player would.
- Executioner AI will no longer spam Sharpen Spirit.
- Death Mark now has the added effect of reducing movement and spellcasting speed by 25%.

- Added an extra death animation based on the ugnaught's.
- Fixed an issue with Venomous Sting and Death Mark effects were continuous damage was being transferred to other things after the original victim died.
- Buff effect check will now return negative when target thing is not registered.
- Fixed issue where Toggle type skills were still not being deactivated correctly when out of MP.
- Worked on Shadow Canyon Oasis region.
- Added two monsters to Shadow Canyon Oasis region: Shadow of Confusion and Shadow of Fear.
- Tweaked AI path routes along Shadow Canyon Oasis region.
- Fixed some minor issues with skills.
- Tweaked "tolerance" for surfaces to be considered flat enough to climb.
- Changed the appearance of the following monsters: Shadow of Anger, Shadow of Contempt, Shadow of Misjudgement.

- Maximum Level/Rank Inventory bin values have been lowered from 100/10 to 99/9.
- Bots no longer have PvP flags as default upon creation.
- Improved Bot reaction time after skill use.
- Bots and monsters will now avoid randomly changing directions when roaming.
- Slightly reduced MP consumption for Sharpen Spirit skill.
- Executioner AI will now take far better care of their MP.
- Fixed issue where nametags would be displayed with incorrect size for the first frame they'd become visible in.
- Fixed switched names for Weapon/Armor refining stones.
- Adapted 2 more skills into new system. 61 total.
- Sentinel class was fully adapted to new skill system.

- Fixed incorrect sound effect for Iron Charge skill.
- Expanded Bot routes along Shadow Canyon Oasis region.
- Adapted 7 more skills into new system. 68 total.
- Executioner class was fully adapted to new skill system.
- Defender class was fully adapted to new skill system.
- Added icons for Unleashed Fury and Final Force skill effects.
- Inspector class was fully adapted to new skill system.
- Mobs should now play animations when using skills.
- Changed the appearance of Shadow of Youth monster.

- Made skill use animations for some monsters.
- Adapted 2 more skills into new system. 70 total.
- Tweaked terrain in Shadow Canyon region.
- Sorcerer class was fully adapted to new skill system.

- Made skill use animations for some monsters.
- Changed the appearance of Shadow of Confusion monster.
- Tweaked textures on all Shadow monsters.

- Fixed lighting issues on all Shadow monsters.
- Expanded Bot routes along Shadow Canyon Oasis region.
- Changed the appearance of Shadow of Pain monster.
- Made skill use animations for some monsters.

- [Experimental] Increased default XP/Quest/Money/Drop multiplier rates from 1/1/3/1 to 2/2/4/1.
- Fixed an issue with Support NPC dialogue.
- Mobs will no longer be removed when too far away if it's dying/dead.
- Bots are now also able to shoot projectiles from attack skills.
- Finished AI for Sentinel class.
- Added Sentinel bots to Shadow Canyon region.
- Sentinel/Sorcerer AI will now attempt to maintain a safe distance when attacking.
- Bots will no longer randomly change targets in the middle of an attack.

- Chance of weather has been greatly reduced.
- Fixed an issue with Explosive Shot sound effect being played at the wrong position.
- Tweaked Bot chasing/following algorithm to allow more freedom in movement when attacking a target.
- Tweaked Sorcerer and Assassin AIs so that they no longer spam certain debuffs if target already has the effect.
- Removed a lot of redundant code in Bot AI.

- Fixed an issue where monsters with an attack field superior to 90º would almost always fail to hit enemies correctly.
- Tweaked Bot AI: Bots will now use the CircleStrafe instinct and the Follow instinct has been fully replaced via Cog.

- Bot AI CircleStrafe instinct has been replaced by Cog.
- Implemented Retreat instinct into Bot AI. Distance considered "safe" is defined by Class' cog.
- Removed links for missing Skills for untransformed and Immortal state characters.
- Bots will not always go after dropped items now.

- Defender's Unbreakable Fortress Def/Pdef/Mdef bonuses have been increased from 40%/60%/30% to 70%/80%/60%.
- Defender's Unleashed Fury will now provide an extra 20% bonus to all defenses.
- Changed the appearance and behavior of arrow trails.
Post 02-Jan-2019 19:37        

- Modified projectile trail code so that they remain for some time after projectile stops.
- Regular bullets will now use new trails when Advanced FX option is enabled.
- Fixed various issues and inconsistencies with new trails.
- Fixed issue where Spirit Cannon skill could be used at a range higher than its limit.
- Made SkillTarget handlers for HP/MP/STA healing.
- Made SkillTarget handler for forced target change.

- Tweaked textures on airplane model.
- Increased speed of projectile trail decay.
- Slightly tweaked bot damage handling.
- Bots will now try to avoid certain obstacles when moving.
- Player will no longer lose STA when taking friendly fire.
- Changed method of stat calculation so that attribute bonuses are added directly to stat value.
- Player will now become invulnerable while at Class selection screen.
- Fixed issue where Skill attacks weren't dealing any damage.
- Autosaving can now be disabled at certain areas/levels by setting/clearing 0x2 SubMode flags.
- Added a Dimensional Orb back to Aegenar next to the dinosaur in the city level.
- Fixed an issue that was making Speed related buffs twice as effective on player.

- Started progress on a separate forest level as a possible replacement for the current Bloody Forest.
- Changed texture for bloody tall grass.
- Tweaked/made some new level decor models.
- Started work on a new, much larger city level.

- Worked extensively on new city level.

- Worked extensively on new city level.
- Notification icons are now reset when starting a new level.

- Worked on new city level.
- Replaced Bloody Forest area with new one on Aegenar level.
- Worked on Bloody Forest region.
- Invalid (-1) monster spawn points no longer add to total monster counter.
- Buff modifiers now add to each other rather than multiply, ie. if you get 15% boost to a stat from a buff and 10% to the same stat from another, you'll have a total 25% boost (15%+10%) rather than the previous 26.5%.

- Added some monsters back to Bloody Forest region.
- Added randomly generated trees and grass to Bloody Forest region.
- Added new inventory items: Blood Fragment (used to craft Blood equipment) and Top-Grade Crafting Reagent (used to craft Immortal/Ethereal equipment).
- Fixed issue where Unholy armor for Hybrid class characters wasn't showing up in-game.
- Wrote a new generic inventory item Trader NPC code. Item list for each vendor can be set through level cog list. Base item prices are now fixed (defined by inventory cog) and may vary through multipliers set for each trader.
- Added generic item trader NPC Osa-Hagaz in Argenia. Currently sells and buys all kinds of inventory items. Prices on this NPC are 10% more expensive than elsewhere.
- Mineral trader pays more for minerals compared to other item traders.
- Item purchase window will now display how many of that item you have in your inventory and won't return to item list after trade.
- Trader NPC selling window will now only display items you have in your inventory.
- Fixed an issue where all bots had superhuman stats.
- Added garbage trader NPC Bolo near northern Argenia gate. Buys currently useless items for their full price.
- Name format for currently useless items has been changed from "Item of" to "Useless Item".
- Fixed an issue that caused ranged attack skills from bots to deal ridiculously high damage.
- Movement/casting speed decrease from Death Mark has been increased from 25% to 30%.
- Movement speed decrease from Stealth has been increased from 15% to 20%.
- Fixed issue that caused player to still lose STA when taking friendly fire.
- Fixed incorrect animation for Frenzy skill.
- Trainee Armor has been renamed to Argeni Uniform.
- Trainee Weapon is now no weapon at all.
- Added new "Trainee" equipment for low-level characters. It's very basic equipment that is only slightly better than no equipment at all.
- Tweaked low-level equipment stats.
- Player will now perform punches if no weapon is equipped while in Unholy State.
- Changed Inventory cog to use Heaps instead of a ridiculous amount of variables.
- Equipment items have been added to inventory, and can be sold and bought as such.
- Trader NPCs can now have limited stocks for certain items. Limited items may be available or not based on a certain chance. Stock is renewed every once in a while.
- Fragment availability in mineral trader NPC has been modified.
- Added weapon and armor Trader NPCs Parada and Puk'Terin in Argenia. Every once in a while they might have rare items in stock.
- Player can now navigate through inventory by pressing W/A/S/D while Inventory is open, then CROUCH to use the selected item.

- Fixed issues with NPC dialogue text.
- Enhanced inventory navigation.
- Fixed issue where player wasn't being paid after selling items.
- Tweaked item rarities. Now stock for most items is limited, although extremely high for some.
- Partially rewrote item crafter NPC code to use new item/equipment system.
- Crafting reagent items have been renamed to simply "reagents".
- Equipments now have Rank requirements again.
- Changed appearance of Trainee uniform. It now looks like a military version of the basic Argeni uniform.
- Rewrote item crafter NPC cog.
- Blacksmith Porol NPC will now craft all currently craftable items.

- Player inventory now has a limited size (and can carry more info for each item). Maximum inventory size is currently set to 20 but can easily be changed.
- Changed trader NPC and dropped inventory item code to check if player has space left in inventory.
- Trader NPC will no longer take attempts of trading items that are no longer in stock.
- Equipped items can no longer be sold.
- You can now link inventory items to quick-use slots (Select 1~5) by selecting them and pressing the Select hotkey you wish to assign that item to. (Currently, you can only use quick slots while in Unholy State. Eventually, all items should migrate into inventory including regular weaponry.)
- You can now discard certain inventory items by selecting them and pressing "Drop Weapon" hotkey.
- Removed obsolete "stances".
- Added new item property: drop risk, or the chance of an item being dropped upon player death. Currently set to 0 for all items.
- Fixed incorrect texture mapping in some areas.
- Added all monsters back to Bloody Forest region.
- Balanced item drop rates, changed to include some new items.
- Balanced item prices.
- Rank requirement have been changed for the following equipment: Pioneer from 1 to 2; Blood from 3 to 4; Liberator from 7 to 8.
- [Experimental] Set drop risk to 10% for all items.
- You can now activate a selected Inventory item through "Use Skill" hotkey.
- Changed some armor placeholder models.
- "All Weapons" cheat will now give you all equipment available for your current rank.

- Worked on Argenarret Sanctuary level.
- Activating inventory items through Crouching is no longer possible.
- Player will no longer drop items if killed inside a peace or war zone.
- Fixed issue that caused items dropped upon death to disappear.
- Default drop risk lowered from 10% to 5%.

- Balanced item prices.
- Skill handler cog can now store skill currently being used by player or actor.
- Implemented framework for mid-use skill interruption.

- Spot saving and auto-saving will be disabled in JKGR levels.
- Respawing after death in JKGR levels will now take you to the nearest valid spawn spot rather than the last save spot. The same applies for when using Portal crystals.
- Arrows now make noises when flying close enough to the camera.
- Changed the appearance of Shadow of Fear monster.
- Lowered maximum number of registerable skills from 48 to 40 for no reason in particular.
- Tweaked some player models.
- Fully implemented usable inventory items.
- Grocer NPC Hirala will now sell consumable inventory items, including varieties of potions and teleport crystals. Like all inventory items, these can be assigned to quick use shortcuts for use during combat.

- Tweaked appearance of Skaz'Mist Prime monster.
- Changed the appearance of some placeholder item models.
- Made crafting recipes for certain consumable items.
- It is now possible to go back in NPC item lists by pressing "Select 5" hotkey.
- You can no longer drop your currently equipped items upon death.
- Added visual effects for consumable items.
- Added two new monsters to Silver Guild Territory region: Silver Warrior and Silver Wizard.
- Made Portal Crystal item obsolete, will be removed eventually.
- Changed level, stats and drops of mobs in expanded Argenarret Sanctuary level. Now all mobs in the upper level (currently available area) range from level 50 to 59, with monsters in the lower level (in development) ranging from 60 to 69.

- Added Potion Brewer Dorwen to Argenia.
- Made item powerup templates for potions.
- Made Elixir of Health/Mana/Energy items obsolete, will be removed eventually.
- Emptied Argenarret Sanctuary region in Aegenar level, teleporter NPC will now take you to the separate level when entering the sanctuary.
- Dying or using teleport stones while in the Argenarret Sanctuary or Soulless Grotto levels will now take you back to Argenia.

- Player's buffs will now be maintained when changing levels.
- Implemented framework for making it so buff/debuff timed effects (damage over time etc) are controlled centrally/directly linked to their status effect. Previously, the timed effect would be set externally (by a skill) along with the status effect, meaning the status effect was merely symbolic.
- Tweaked turning aspects of all cars.
- Attempted to make northern Aegenar beach region look less hideous, failed.
- Player is now unable to turn during NPC conversations.
- Status effect debug text now shows time left.
- Unholy State will now be maintained while switching levels, as well as MP/ST/UP levels.
- Cleaned up some cogs.
- Camera is no longer reset to internal when switching levels.
- Added stats, templates and inventory items for the following equipment sets: White [R3], Arcane Force [R5], Hell Force [R5], Sovereign [R6], Oblivion [R7]. None of these have been implemented as equipment yet.
- Worked extensively on a new Argenia level.

- Warrior's Focus skill renamed to Combat Focus.
- Wrote a basic Class Master NPC. You can talk to it to choose a class and evolve to rank 1 at level 10, choose a specialization and evolve to rank 3 at level 30 or to change weapon types between that. In the future, these options will (probably) require you to finish some quests.
- Changing classes will now automatically reset the player's appearance, stance and skills.
- Added the option to change NPC's standing animation and model via cog, without changing NPC template.
- You can now travel to the new Argenia by typing "level 10" at the console.
- Changed music control cog to use exclusively OGG music rather than the usual WAV sounds.

- Made crafting recipes for the upcoming Oblivion [R7] equipment sets.
- Tweaked crafting recipes for some items.

- Skill handler cog now can also register skill ranks.
- For the time being, all skills will automatically be given the same rank as the user.
- Added some more NPCs to new Argenia level.
- Skill use cog will now ask for Skill rank (although its value changes nothing yet).
- Toggled skill MP consumption is now handled by status effect.
- Moved fixes and tweaks to mostly unused/used only by non-JKGR level resources (such as modified versions of JK actor class cogs) to JkGR-Compatibility.gob.
- Included some "fixed" JK animations in JkGR-Compatibility.gob.
- Removed some obsolete BM files.
- Removed obsolete items.

- Skill cooldown is now handled centrally by skill handler cog and is no longer reset upon changing levels.
- Added "debug" option to skill handler cog to print player skill cooldown time.

- Debug function on skill handler cog will now only print skill cooldown time left when requested (ie. player tries to use skill on cooldown).
- SP player model will no longer be reset if debug "player model" fuction is used.

- Cooldown time left will now always be displayed when attempting to use a skill.
- Balanced (albeit roughly) XP levels in Shadow Canyon, Shadow Canyon Oasis and Shadow Plateau regions.
- [Experimental] Added an option to calculate monster's XP level automatically based on monster's HP level, rank and attack power.
- Slightly increased magic attack power for Hybrid classes.
- Worked on new Argenia level.

- Worked on new city level.
- Made item storage framework.
- Tweaked automatic monster XP calculation method.
- Fixed incorrect NPC thing in Shadow Canyon region.

- Fixed an issue where it was impossible to turn music back on if turned off while driving.
- Turning music back on while driving will now start from a random track.
- Changed animation for running and walking with dual swords.
- Tweaked drop lists for monsters in the Shadow Canyon region. Most general monsters outside the Shadow Plateau will now drop Oblivion type fragments rather than Liberator.
- There is now a very tiny chance White Rancor monster will drop Liberator equipment pendants.
- There is now a very tiny chance Canyon Dragon monster will drop Oblivion equipment pendants.
- Made some drops generic, meaning they can be dropped from any monster regardless of whether that item is in the monster's drop list.
- All calculation for XP, money and generic drop chances from hunting monsters is now done automatically.
- Tweaked drops for all monsters taking generic drop chances into account.

- Added some new items to trader NPCs.
- Slightly increased damage and cooldown time for Spirit Cannon skill.
- Fixed bug where support NPC was deducting twice the cost for support magic.

- Renamed HP/MP/ST Essence items to HP/MP/ST Herbs, made items consumable.
- Some monsters now have very minimal chances of dropping equipment.
- NPCs will now work with Oblivion items and equipment.
- Money amount may no longer go below 0.
- Properly implemented Oblivion equipment, with temporary/placeholder visuals.
- Changed name formats for .pup files, removed some obsolete files.
- Replaced Argenia/Dark Citadel area for new one. The Dark Palace interior and Soulless Grotto are currently unacessible.
- Worked on some equipment appearances.

- Updated guard NPC code.
- Worked on some more equipment appearances.
- Modified/updated ambient sounds and effects handling as well as some level decor.
- Changed model for distant Towers of Seal in Aegenar.
- Tweaked terrain around Dark Citadel.

- Deleted some obsolete files.
- Added new monster skill: Expose Weak Point.
- Worked on some more equipment appearances.
- Tweaked some player models.
- Fixed issue with Magic Swipe skill where it wasn't dealing any damage.
- Fixed issue with Starfall skill where it would only deal damage to NPC actors.

- Worked on The Bend level, did some terraining related experiments.
- Tweaked some equipment models and textures.
- Added placeholder models for Reinforced and Unholy armors on female characters.
- Fixed an issue with music looping when it shouldn't.
- Made pendant textures for Light, Reinforced and Apprentice equipment.
- Made drop templates for Portal Crystal and Portal Stone inventory items.
- Some attack skills will now require an equipped weapon.
- Added Bent Village region to The Bend.
- Added new monster skill: Death Mark.
- Added new status effect: Bending. Burns MP/STA over time. This status effect will be given periodically to anyone who enters The Bend.

- Worked further on The Bend level, built Shrine of Gods region.
- Changed model and sounds for Bent Villager monster.
- Tweaked some placeholder equipment models.
- Tweaked camera code. Teleporting will no longer cause camera to try and move to player's new position.
- Periodic damage dealt by Death Mark and Venomous Sting effects is now directly based on Skill effect's level rather than the attacker's attack power.
- Provoke's target change is now handled by a periodic effect.
- Moved some skill IDs and code around.
- Player will now be notified when attempting to use a skill that needs a weapon without having one equipped.
- Female Executioners will now use new running animation as well.
- Fixed an issue where animation for Double Slasher skill was missing for female Executioners.
Post 09-Feb-2019 06:31        

- Changed model for Mysterious Probe monster.
- Tweaked model for Oblivion weapons.
- Wrote code for generic Teleporter NPC.
- "All Weapons" cheat will now give Oblivion equipment for players of Ranks 7 and 8.
- Added various teleporter NPCs around The Bend.
- Changed ambient sounds in The Bend.
- Replaced teleporter NPCs in Aegenar with generic teleporter.
- Portal Orb in Argenia can now take you to The Bend and Soulless Grotto.
- Fixed faulty skill list for Assassin class.
- Status effect debug text now shows the thing that cast that effect upon the target.
- For consistency, radar's "north" direction can now be changed.
- Fixed missing sound for Venomous Sting skill.
- Added some monsters around The Bend, as well as a support NPC.
- Made a (probably pointless?) turtle model.
- Made an alternative, hoodless version of Bent Villager model.
- Fixed missing visual effects for Sweep Attack skill.

- Fixed faulty skill list for Sentinel class.
- Changed color of clothes on Bent Villager model, made more variations.
- Added new items Bent Blood and Bend Coins, which serve no purpose yet other than to be sold to trader NPC Bolo for money.
- Tweaked automatic monster XP calculation method.
- [Experimental] Increased difference between needed XP for each level by around 4%.
- [Experimental] Lowered HP levels for all monsters by 20%.
- [Experimental] XP earned by hunting will now be lowered by 5% for each level the player has above the monster. In turn, hunting monsters of a lower rank will no longer give reduced XP.
- [Experimental] Per level power difference increased from 4% to 5%.
- Tweaked some level decor models.
- Monsters will now move at walking speed when not in combat.
- New skill for Enforcer class - Stormbringer: Rushes towards an enemy at the speed of light dealing massive mixed damage to anything in the way. Can only be used after "Counterattack". Currently fixed at skill slot 12.
- Tweaked some more placeholder models.

- Tweaked effects for Stormbringer skill. It no longer requires an equipped weapon.
- Stormbringer will now damage enemies inside an imaginary cylinder behind the player rather than inside an imaginary cone.
- Tweaked skill use AI for Enforcer class, included Stormbringer.
- Switching gears in a car is now a little less smooth.
- Tweaked animations for Bent Villager.

- XP penalty from hunting monsters from lower levels has been changed from 5% for each level to 20% for each two levels.
- XP penalty from death has been reduced from 10% to 5%.
- Bots will no longer engage in combat if too far away from player.
- Started progress on code for Skill Trainer NPC.
- Tweaked some player models.
- Venomous Sting and Death Mark will now emit a visual effect when dealing periodic damage.

- Fixed issue where Venomous Sting and Death Mark visual effects were coming out of the attacker instead of the affected target.
- Tweaked some Jedi class stuff.
- Added some more placeholder armor models for Ranger classes. Improved Unholy will now have the same appearance as Unholy Major.

- Built an interior for the Shrine of Gods.
- Removed "Rocky Plains" level.
- Better adjusted damage area for Stormbringer skill.

- Mauser LOD model no longer glows in the dark.
- Tweaked "tolerance" for surfaces to be considered flat enough to climb.
- Bent villagers will now help each other when under attack.

- Changed driving tracklist.
- [Experimental] Made driving tracklist somewhat random.
- Decreased default nitrous power by 33%, doubled tank size.

- Adjusted playback volume for some music tracks.
- Fixed issue with unarmed attacks in Unholy State.

- Experimented with different car handling methods.
- Changed "2018" for "2019" in title screen.

- Changed car handling method. Rotational speed is now limited when oversteering.
- Added new car: BMW M3 GTR (Most Wanted).
- Fixed an issue with music playback.
Post 10-Mar-2019 19:25        

- Fixed missing sound for Unleashed Fury and Bleeding Fury skill, missing visual effects Unleashed Fury, Bleeding Fury and Final Force.

- Cars will now use a normalized velocity vector for forced rotation calculation. In practice, this means cars will be much more controllable in higher speeds.

- Fixed issue where some skill VFX would often fail to appear.

- Worked on a massive graphical update using new expanded materials.

- Worked on expanded materials.
- Fixed an issue with offsets for monster skill effects.
- Added a light fog in Aegenar levels.
- Improved radar visibility in bright backgrounds.
- Changed damaged car engine smoke graphics.
- Removed unused number slots for level and rank displays.

- Changed driving tracklist.
- Fixed incorrect visual effect for Sweep Attack skill.
- Worked on expanded materials.

- Worked on expanded materials.
- Changed blood and smoke effects.
- Tweaked explosion effects.
- Fixed a critical issue with some items where picking them up would "deactivate" the player.

- Fog effect will now be turned off if "Enhanced FX" is disabled.
- Fixed some visual effects and animations.
- BMW M3 GTR will now have its characteristic transmission whine.
- Fixed some issues regarding POV camera positioning.
- Taking heavy damage will now cause blood drops to appear on screen if "Enhanced FX" is enabled.

- Car model files names now have a "car_" prefix rather than "obj_" or "00_".
- Fixed an issue with smoke fading out animation.
- Fixed issues regarding on-screen raindrops.

- Fixed incorrectly flagged surfaces in city level.
- Fixed an issue that was causing timers to break in certain levels.
- You can now press "Select 4" or "Select 5" hotkeys to reload guns automatically. When dual-wielding, pressing "Select 4" will reload the gun in the left hand (weapon 2) and "Select 5" for the right hand (weapon 1).

- Removed some now obsolete visual effects.
- Upon hitting a wall, blood will now slowly move downwards.
- Now lower quality sprite effects will be displayed for some effects when Enhanced FX is turned off.

- Worked on extended materials.
- Fixed some invalid adjoins in Aegenar level.
- Cog cleanup.
- Fixed a sound issue from changing classes while transformed.
- Tweaked Hell colormap for better compatibility with extended materials.
- Enhanced VFX for Earthquake skill.
- Gunfire will new emit smoke.

- Changed torch fires into regular sprites.
- Fixed some issues related to internal camera view.
- Unholy State camera is now locked to external again.
- Ethereal and Immortal equipment have been made slightly stronger.

- Worked on extended materials.
- Fixed missing model for Oblivion weapon for Enforcer class.
- Fixed a weird (and often critical) bug that would happen when shooting at the horizon.
Post 15-Apr-2019 23:12        

- Worked on extended materials.
- Tweaked visual effects for Spiritual Blast, Spiritual Barrage and Spirit Cannon skills.
- Cars will now emit black smoke from engine when heavily damaged.
- Driving car in dirt will now emit correctly colored smoke.
- Fixed some minor issues with explosion effects.
- Made some non-injected effects look less terrible.
- Fixed issue where camera would often fail to follow car if driving fast enough.
- Generic inventory items are no longer destroyed when damaged.
- Fixed issue with radar orientations when north pole offset was different from 0.
- Fixed an issue with Spiritual Barrage and Spirit Cannon skills where they would sometimes fail to deal any damage.

- Tweaked Schismist player model.
- Started progress on Defender class AI.
- Tweaked some car engine mechanics.

- Implemented Defender class AI.
- Fixed inconsistencies with skill use animations when carrying guns.
- Implemented correct alt fire mode for Wookie Bowcaster.
- Fixed skidmarks that appeared incorrectly when skidding over wet surfaces.

- Defender's "Provoke" attack power reduction has been lowered from 40% to 35%.
- Defender's "Unbreakable Fortress" defense multipliers have been lowered from 70%/80%/60% to 50%/60%/40%.
- Inspector's "Unholy Armor" defense multipliers have been changed from 50%/50%/25% to 40%/40%/30%.
- Defender's "Armor Pierce" base damage has been lowered from 58 to 56.
- Defender's "Deathcrush" base damage has been lowered from 114/36 to 98/22.

- Inspector's "Spirit Cannon" base cooldown time increased from 7 to 8 seconds, base attack power increased from 148 to 152.
- Tweaked appearance for Adept armor on Knight classes.
- Changed placeholder models for some armors on Knight classes.
- Empty bullet shells will now move in a more realistic way.
- Tweaked appearance for Oblivion armor on Wizard classes.
- Fixed an issue with Defender's "Deathcrush" where damage was being dealt twice and no running flag wasn't being cleared.
- Defender's "Unbreakable Fortress" base cooldown time increased from 30 to 40 seconds.
- Changed sprite for bullet collisions.
- Tweaked bullet ricochet sounds.

- Worked on appearance of Unholy and Improved Unholy armors for Hybrid classes.
- Further tweaked appearance for Oblivion armor on Wizard classes.
- Added model for Oblivion armor on female Wizard characters.
- Tweaked some placeholder armor models.
- Wrote a cog for handling bot model/anim with multiple things similarly to how player model/anim are handled. This will allow bots to change weapons and armors in-game as the player does.
- Changed all Bot cogs to use new model/anim system.
- Bot models are now handled by a list which is also used by the player. Said list specifies model's gender and soundclass, so only one thing template is needed for all bots regardless of their model, voice, class or gender.
- Implemented new bot handling system in Soulless Grotto and Argenarret Sanctuary levels.

- Adapted all skill cogs to use new bot model/anim system.
- Adapted bot class cog to use new model/anim system.
- Bots will now always attack enemies if both are inside a combat zone.
- Added handler for getting model ID based on thing's model. This allows, among other things, to know if a thing's model is "male" or "female", as well as creating "clones" with correct soundclass and animations based on the model alone. Returns -1 if model is not present on model list.
- Added emergency callback to automated, JK-like (dumb) roaming if bot AI cog can't communicate with path finding cog.
- Bot's head model info is now retrieved automatically. This also stops the game from crashing when switching levels.
- Implemented new bot handling system in Aegenar, Death Arena and Duel Arena levels.
- Tweaked Shadow Lich monster model.

- Bots' random roaming will no longer attempt to go through invisible walls, solving some issues in Arena levels.
- Fixed an issue with stacking animations on Sorcerer characters.
- Removed some obsolete code.
- Skill list will now be reset when changing classes.
- Added an icon for Armor Pierce skill effect.
- Tweaked all variations of Averus player model.
- Changed debug player model function to use new player model list.
- Simplified methods for changing player puppet.
- Player puppet and armor model will now be updated instantly when changing player model.

- Worked on appearance of Improved Unholy armor for Hybrid classes.
- Worked on Argenarret Sanctuary (lower level) region.

- Fixed issue where player model would be changed incorrectly when switching to internal camera view while transformed.
- Worked on appearance of Reinforced armor for Hybrid and Wizard classes.
- Tweaked appearance of Improved Unholy armor for Hybrid classes.

- Worked on appearance of Reinforced armor for Hybrid classes.
- Changed Lesser Imp monster model and sounds.
- Tweaked Lesser Imp/Leputhrope death animations.

- Tweaked standing animation for Inspector class.
- Class Master NPC (High Scholar Pil'irin) will now give you Trainee equipment once you choose your first class and evolve to Rank 1.

- Disabled a debug function when activating bots.
- Fixed an issue where some bots would change into an incorrect/invalid model when dying.
Post 22-Jun-2019 21:37        

- Tweaked some settings for rifles.
- Added placeholder models for Light and Reinforced daggers for Assassin class.
Post 22-Jun-2019 21:38        

- Fixed some minor issues regarding explosion related dismemberment.

- Cleaned up some useless code.
- Fixed minor issue with Inspector skill use animation.

- Changed placeholder model for Oblivion armors for Hybrid class characters.
- Worked on extended materials.

- Worked on extended materials.
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