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So, this is apparently it.
Since it was taking too long before I could put together a proper release, I decided to instead simply share a link for (a slightly cleaned up version of) my development folders for JKGR.

Bugs WILL be present, and many functions (especially in the Level) aren't fully functional or finished. If you do meet however any such bug or broken functionality, feel free to tell me about it here.

You will need JK2013 and Jon'C's GFXMod to play!

Material Pack (Mod)
Material Pack (Level)

Note that this should be updated sometimes more than once daily, so check out the changelog for any possible changes since the last time you've downloaded it.

Also, there is a lot of borrowed or stolen contents from other games, including music and item and monster models. These are mostly placeholders and are meant to be replaced eventually.

Display size must set to 10 for the new HUD to appear. Double-tap the Focus hotkey to turn HUD on/off.

My hotkeys:
Movement - WASD + Mouse 2
Fire 1 - Mouse 1
Fire 2 - Alt
Select 1~5 - 1~5
Skill Use - F1~F12
Use Item - R
Prev/Next Item - Z/X
Jump - Q
Focus - \ (or the key between the right Shift and the Z)

How to drive:
Up/Down arrows - Gas/Brake
Left/Right arrows - Turn Left/Right
Crouch - Handbrake
A/D - Shift down/up
Jump - Nitrous
Select 5 - Skip music. Double-click to turn music off.

Fully functional classes:
Enforcer (Warrior)
Executioner (Warrior)
Assassin (Rogue)
Sentinel (Ranger)
Inspector (Hybrid)
Sorcerer (Wizard)
Defender (Knight)

Useful console commands:

5858lvr - +10,000,000 money
deeznuts - Increases Rank by 2
sithlord - Change CLASS (might reset Rank to 2)
imayoda - Change SPECIALIZATION (might reset Rank to 2)
raccoonking - Unlimited ammo/Unholy Points (might reset Rank to 2)
red5 - Equipment upgrade if on Unholy State, random weapons/ammo when not.

When playing the "Gunrunner" episode:
level 1 - Aegenar (main level)
level 2 - Mangroville (city)
level 3 - Dark Palace Dungeons (can't currently be accessed normally)
level 4 - The Chamber of Sorrow
level 5 - Soulless Grotto
level 6 - The Bend
level 7 - Argenarret Sanctuary
level 8 - Death Arena (PvP arena)

"Level" cheats can be used at any moment.

Useful hacks:

flex XPRate=2 local
flex QuestRate=2 local
flex MoneyRate=4 local
flex DropRate=1 local
These are monster XP/quest XP/money/item drop multipliers. The higher these values, the easier the game will be.

int spmodel=8 local
Change this value to a number listed below to have a different player model in Single Player mode. Set to -1 to use level model (kyle).

int debugcam=0 local
If this value is set to 1, pressing the Camera hotkey while crouching will enable debug camera, "separating" the player's model from the player thing. If set to 2, pressing the Camera hotkey while crouching will enable Bot/NPC camera, switching views with any AI character you're pointing at.

int debug=0 local
If this value is set to 1, pressing "drop weapon" hotkey while having no weapon in hand will create a dummy player model which you can swipe models with by "activating" them twice. If set to 2, pressing it while crouching will create a drivable car.

int debug=0 local
If this value is set to 1, pressing "Select 4" hotkey in-game will quickly enable/disable slow-motion mode. If Debug Camera is enabled, pressing this hotkey will decrease the FOV. Press it while crouching to reset.

int debug=0 local
If this value is set to 1, pressing "Select 5" hotkey in-game will increase your level by 10 (and decrease by 10 if pressed while crouching). If Debug Camera is enabled, pressing this hotkey will increase the FOV. Press it while crouching to reset.

int debug=0 local
Setting this value to 1 will allow you to add/remove buffs at will by pressing the Sprint hotkey along with W/A/S/D to change selected buff ID and duration.

int debug=0 local
Setting this value to 1 will display all your stats if pressing "Talk"+A; display everyone's registered skill list by pressing "Talk"+D; change your team if pressing "Talk"+S; evolve to Rank 9 if pressing "Talk"+"Crouch"

unholy_class 128 0 5 0x000 cog=misc_class.cog
Change "5" to "6" to enable the hidden Jedi classes.

isStarWars 130 0 0 0x000
Change the second "0" to "1" to make it so that enemies in JK levels only drop Star Wars weapons.

To skip straight to the fun:
1. Enable the "debug" option in HOTKEY_SELECT5.COG
2. Run JKGR and load up Aegenar
3. Choose your favorite Class by activating the big statue in the starting area
4. Press the "select 5" hotkey until you get to level 81
5. Talk to the DevShop NPC in the Dark Citadel of Argenia (halfway between the main square and the Palace) and request a rank upgrade (or "deeznuts" yourself to Rank 8)
6. Enter "red5" cheat
7. Select "Liberator" armor and weapon in your inventory (or whichever you like the most)
8. Request "Mixed Class" buffs to the Support NPC (behind the statue in the main square)
9. Travel to the Shadow Canyon with the Dimensional Orb NPC

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OMG...!!! This is going to be _amazing!_

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Hope you enjoy it, and please report back on what you think of it.

Note that the project folders are being updated very frequently (so you probably have an outdated version already) but it's pretty hard to keep track of every little change I make to every little file. It would certainly be nice to have an auto-updater, if only I could program one. It's in my "to-do" list.
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