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Post 30-Nov-2018 07:39        

the build at smith.bah.wtf is updated,
you can help beta test in a mostly automated way.

launch with cmdline arg stresstest, ergo:
smith.exe -stresstest

this will by default make smith load random levels every 10 seconds. a popup appears that u can pause/stop/quit the stresstest.

u can customize further by specifying something like
smith.exe -stresstest 45 -noprecache

this will make levels load faster, last longer- so you can kinda get to playing about in a level before it continues.

in any case.. if smith crashes then please DONT run it again (it will auto-cleanup the log files): first grab the smith_6250_timestamp.log that gets generated wherever u have smith.exe saved. please send me that; or rather copy that last ~100 lines in the file.

this stress testing helps ensure smith can handle any fan-made files we can throw at it. tehres a lot of stuff out there and my episode folder only has like 100 gobs so u all can help quite a lot
Post 02-Dec-2018 16:55        

Man, I just have to tell you how impressed and speechless I am at what you've been able to do here. What is your hope / desire for the end result to be with this project?
Post 05-Dec-2018 21:15        

Id love to help but won't have time untill next week.
Post 05-Dec-2018 22:53        

Is this a good place for reporting minor/non-fatal issues? I've found some while playing through Smith, most revolve around things that don't really behave as they would in JK and that I suppose are easy to fix.

I've also found that cog-related issues seem to brutally slow down performance. On this level of mine for example, the torch fire effects are running IsThingVisible() in a pulse, and not only it doesn't behave as it should, apparently everytime the pulse runs (once for each torch fire on the level), the game slows down terribly.

Other minor issues that are noticeable on the same level are that transparent 16bit mats aren't rendered as they should - they appear the same as they do in JOKE or PJedi - and 3do surface/mesh Light modes seem to be ignored and Gouraud is always used. The skybox and the floating body in the hall with the conc (behind the upstairs gate) are supposed to look always bright, while on Smith they appear dark/normally shaded. Also, the "outside" region shouldn't be accessible as the adjoin there is flagged so that player is unable to cross.
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