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Post 06-Jun-2019 17:51        

Hey all, Having some odd issues playing the Magrucko Daines series.

I have the following installed:

Pre-patched unofficial patch executable

and of course, Magrucko Daines 3.

The issue I'm experiencing is that the game crashes whenever I 'use' a locked door, and it crashed JUST as magrucko's voiceclip begins to play.

This was an issue I experienced before with MD 2 but it was solved with the unofficial patch.

The same crash occurs in cutscenes, such as when the Imperial Defector is riding the elevator upwards and the imperial officer looks up at him to say something. What he says I am not sure, as it crashes to desktop as soon as the audioclip starts to play.

Any idea what I can do to try and circumvent the issue?
Post 08-Jun-2019 15:23        

I also get Magrucko 3 crashing with JkGfxMod and JKGFX2019 installed (using the January 2008 unofficial patch) - almost right after the elevator with the defector on it goes up (so after the elevator comes back down, the player gets on it and once the elevator gets up and I try opening the door that leads to the next area - CRASH).

It's somewhat similar to a crash I got in Elmo's The Lost Mercenary - with the same patches/mods enabled - where the game crashed as I was approaching an area that used a displacement texture that I had made for one of my own levels. When I removed the texture pack in question from the jkgm\materials folder, the crashing stopped.

So in this case, it could be another jkgm\materials related issue. Wouldn't really explain why it seems to be triggered by the sounds in your case, however..
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