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Post 11-Apr-2005 20:19        

Link to JK - MP Level:

NEWer version_1.1


This message is posted as a place where I can confer and collect brainstorming ideas that you have as players and beta-testers as to what will make this a more realistic and improved Level.

View the level.
See what things bug you. What things you like.
Lighting, sounds, textures, depth, realism.

Think Dagobah of the movies.
What is this level missing, or can be improved upon?

Thank you in advance, for any and all input
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Post 07-May-2005 09:51        

These ideas are collected from the chat room.

It needs to be more "cluttered", i.e. many more (cypress-like) trees, vines, and rocks.
There shouldn't be much "clear" space between trees.
[2005-04-11 13:42] <Gnarlydewd> I like the cypress with the roots comin up
[2005-04-11 13:44] <Gnarlydewd> can the fog be thicker
[2005-04-11 13:44] <ZeqMacaw> It will be hard to get the dagobah feel...lots of organic stuff and less geometric shapes.
[2005-04-11 13:44] <Gnarlydewd> need to have it where you jump over stuff like the jedi training
[2005-04-11 13:44] <ZeqMacaw> lots of roots and logs and small rocks on ground
[2005-04-11 13:45] <Gnarlydewd> swingin from trees
[2005-04-11 13:45] <ZeqMacaw> The sky should be much more shrouded with tree cover of some sort.
[2005-04-11 13:46] <Gnarlydewd> that would be funny to swing from tree to tree hahhaha
[2005-04-11 13:49] <ZeqMacaw> maybe have parts of the level more more uneven surface...right now the level is essentially all one elevation
[2005-04-11 13:50] <ZeqMacaw> Yeah, most people (I am guessing) will want the dark cave with some Darth Vader image and breathing perhaps.
[2005-04-11 13:50] <Gnarlydewd> you should have it so you can see in though a little
[2005-04-11 13:51] <Gnarlydewd> A mess of vines for the tree
[2005-04-11 13:52] <Gnarlydewd> make it darker inside
[2005-04-11 13:54] <ZeqMacaw> In the last set of levels at the place where Kyle was in the swamp/sith temple area...
[2005-04-11 13:54] <ZeqMacaw> When Mara first arrives, there is a swamp area...it needs to have more of that "feel" to it.
[2005-04-11 13:54] <ZeqMacaw> It had vines of various sizes (not many really)
[2005-04-11 13:56] <ZeqMacaw> Well, there are some good ideas in the levels I just described. They aren't great, but they are closer to the right feel of the dagobah swamp.
[2005-04-11 13:56] <Gnarlydewd> jo had cool swamp texures
[2005-04-11 13:59] <ZeqMacaw> hmm...ligghting seemed right, except for the bright sky messing it up
[2005-04-11 13:59] <Gnarlydewd> is is possible to have a steam effect comin up too
[2005-04-11 13:59] <Gnarlydewd> like from a ghost
[2005-04-11 14:00] <Gnarlydewd> or on top of the water
[2005-04-11 14:00] <Gnarlydewd> like a thicker fog
[2005-04-11 14:00] <ZeqMacaw> yeah...there should be a layer of mist in some places on the ground
[2005-04-11 14:01] <ZeqMacaw> I did see a flat mist on the water moving...that was quite nice to see actually
[2005-04-11 14:03] <ZeqMacaw> yeah, the octopus idea should be doable
[2005-04-11 14:08] <Gnarlydewd> yeah get some swamp sound
[2005-04-11 14:08] <ZeqMacaw> sounds, yes...definitely
[2005-04-11 14:08] <Gnarlydewd> a good loopin swampsound
[2005-04-11 14:09] <ZeqMacaw> have different local sounds, too
[2005-04-11 14:09] <Gnarlydewd> yeah like crazy frogs hahaha
[2005-04-11 14:09] <ZeqMacaw> oh...and the water probably shoul not be see-thru
[2005-04-11 14:23] <JAS_Palidori> oh, one more quick question....height...should celing be raised/lowered any?
[2005-04-11 14:24] <ZeqMacaw> raised, probably
[2005-04-11 14:24] <ZeqMacaw> double
Post 01-Jul-2005 12:22        

Too bad the server changed...lol

I typed up an entire story here and it's all gone! :?
Post 09-Nov-2005 21:34        

I tested out ur POTJ of the level and heres what I think.

Think it might be a bit too big, its fun to make big levels but then finding ppl would be tougher and longer. Definatly more clutter, like trees fallen down all over and in your face, don't have to be all very massive, can vary in sizes. In the movie they always had a very grey tone to the area, your level has more of a green brown grey, i do like the color of the water tho....maybe you could make the level at a later time of day.

I like alot of the ideas Zeq and Gnarly had, climbing trees or even trees u could knock over

The light side:
You've come a long way with editing, I did some background checking and I tried your tree house level and some others. This level is looking pretty professional, you've got good skill with mats, loved the tree, dirt, water mats and your random animal sounds. That really helped to get a swampy feel. Great fog and awesome job with the sprites
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