Welcome to JK Hub

The Hub eases the burdens associated with editing the games, Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 (JK) and Mysteries of the Sith (MotS), and thus caters primarily to those editing these games. Editors can setup projects showcasing addons, tools, and resources that are in progress; and projects can have beta-test versions or smaller components for download. When editors have finished their creations, they can be placed in the Addons, Tools, or Resources sections for download. Players can benefit from the Hub by checking on their favorite projects, commenting on the projects, and downloading files from various sections.

(For more information about the Hub, see the About page.)

Jedi Knight Editing

Okay. So, the Hub has all of this great stuff for editors, but where do you begin in editing JK? It really depends on how much you already know about editing JK and MotS.

If you are just beginning editing in general or just starting in JK editing, then you should download The Massassi Temple JK Editing Manual and read its FAQ, or you can choose to read the FAQ online. After reading the FAQ, you should look around the manual (online links to some parts of the manual: Basics, Tutorials) to get familiar with terminology and what to expect from JK editing. You can read some interesting Massassi Temple Articles about editing. Check out the Reference, Tutorials, and Articles sections of the Hub, for more current information about JK editing. Post in the Forums with general editing questions or requests. Join the chat room (Chat link above) to ask questions, help out, or converse with other JK editors.