SavageX is back!

And he's giving FRMod a JKE style workover.


This map will be full of Brutus'.

ISD Bridge

I know I've seen this scene somewhere...

8x8x8 Catwalk Maze

I'm so confused... But I like it.

Not Stargate

Egypt can be in a videogame without having Stargates coming out of the floor.

Juz's New Texture Job

Shapes can't kill... can they?

Force Lightning

Shred-style. :D

You can't get here from there!

just some more work. the area where the player is looking down from in this shot will not be accessible in the final version.

The Band

I know I'm a groupie.

JK Recog

Darth Slaw matches JKE in flavor with his JK Recog, updating and balancing the cogging side of Jedi Knight. His work is nothing short of cinematic.