Starry Sky

So, there really *is* a galaxy out there.


Arches, grates, and shadows...oh my!



Awe inspiring

A truly magnificent outdoor landscape, handcrafted by Ruthven himself.

Crafted with Bunneh Love

Luv-Bunneh comes out of the blue with her first level, looking quite serene.


SM Sith Lord brings JK up to par with newer engine standards. This plant stuff becomes transparent when you're closer to it.

The Atrium

Teamwork between Halucid and JediKirby has produced one fine looking map! Will it play as good as it looks? Only a release will tell...

All Power restored

This story has a happy ending, and an amazing zeal unmatched in today's JK editing scene.

Watch your step!

Gristmath sets the mood for another level in the fantastic MotS MP mod Rites of Xanthus.

The Stargate!

A fantastic looking portal into unexplored worlds...