At Home on Naboo

Sit and relax.

Nice Terrain

Some nice looking terrain by CaptBewil for his JK RPG Map Support Project.

DjDTMs Switch Remake

He's remaking switches with incredible detail, and they're all shaping up quite nicely.


Quib Mask shows off some amazingly refreshing top-down gameplay for his out-of-the-blue project.

Rail Gun POV

Shred's POV Model theory in action! Yes, that's two in a row, what can I say? (HR)

Rail Det Ingame

Shred cuts through the fog and finally makes sense of the Rail Detonator.

Spiral's Colosseum

An amazing texture job for an amazing 3do structure by an amazing editor!

Jan Player Model

Shred's done it again with his remake of Jan!

JK Reflective Surfaces!

Heh... I wish! Luckily though, my level is surrounded by a perfectly semmetrical dome which helps the effect seem more real.

Pic Ingame

This battle is looking much better.