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The 420 Building JK Deathmatch Level NOFpuXnk 547 14-Oct-1998 Levels
Disco Cantina a small JK sabers level NOFpuXnk 511 29-Oct-1998 Levels
Cliffside Motel A small guns JK level set on a cliff on an asteroid in outer space NOFpuXnk 535 13-Nov-1998 Levels
Merc Oasis 2 Modified Canyon Oasis MERC D Malorkus 413 02-Jul-1999 Levels
Nostromo II : The Infection JK Multiplayer Level Spiral 213 15-Jan-2000 Levels
Metropolis JK Multiplayer Level Spiral 319 06-Feb-2000 Levels
Bespin : The Quarantine Zone JK Multiplayer Level Spiral 253 24-Feb-2000 Levels
Laboratory IV JK Multiplayer Level Spiral 12 12-Mar-2000 Levels
Mansion X JK Multiplayer Level Spiral 266 02-Apr-2000 Levels
Laboratory V JK Multiplayer Level Spiral 267 02-Jun-2000 Levels
Star Craft TC Test features in development 110 Templar 011 296 18-Jun-2000 Mods
LoC Temple JK Multiplayer Level Spiral 299 07-Jul-2000 Levels
11783 JK Multiplayer Level Spiral 305 10-Jul-2000 Levels
Glowsaber 3.0 Glowsaber effects and saber blur. Jamontoast, Van Shourt, and Deathbane27 2013 13-Jul-2000 Mods
KWP (Killer's Weapons Pack) The most popular weapons-mod for JK ever. ID_Junkguy 414 18-Aug-2000 Mods
UWP4: Perfect Darkness Weapons mod based on the N64 game, Perfect Dark ID_Junkguy 307 12-Sep-2000 Mods
London JK Spiral 412 29-Nov-2000 Levels
Walk on Walls To walk on the walls Mandalorian Editing Alliance + Edward 374 07-Dec-2000 Mods
Laboratory VI: Achluophobia JK Multiplayer Level Spiral 283 24-Mar-2001 Levels
EWP (Explosive Weapons Pack) Weapons mod filled with fun explosive weapons. ID_Junkguy 304 28-Mar-2001 Mods
Immortal Sabers Pack 4 Includes 91 NEW saber patterns/colours for JK that other players can see even if they don't have the mod. ID_Junkguy 386 17-Apr-2001 Mods
MFC (Mantice Fried Chicken) Hilarious mod based on fried chicken. ID_Junkguy 268 01-Jul-2001 Mods
Laboratory IV JK Multiplayer Level Spiral 337 19-Jul-2001 Levels
Space Noxx A JK remake of the popular UT map, Space Noxx. Emon 304 18-Oct-2001 Levels
Hi-Fi MotS Sounds Hi-Fi MotS sounds to replace the original low-fi ones. ShadowX 1555 09-Nov-2001 Mods
Reclusion JK Multiplayer Level Spiral 339 05-Jan-2002 Levels
GoldenEye Weapons mod based on the N64 game, GoldenEye ID_Junkguy 505 11-Jan-2002 Mods
Saber Battle X Many new and changed lightsaber effects, force powers, items, and player models. ShadowX 1741 03-Feb-2002 Mods
The Dralloc Sirhc Pure conc rifle deathmatch! BeefCaike 302 28-Dec-2002 Levels
JK Mousewheel Support Bind hotkeys to wheel-up and wheel-down. Sige 5902 29-Dec-2002 Extensions
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