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 Name   Purpose   Authors   Downloads   Released 
Nar Shaddaa Cantina A small two room Cantina DarthKyle065 309 04-Jun-2009
Track of Doom Level for use with Rolling Mod. Martheous 256 22-Feb-2009
Ultimate BGJ MP Deathmatch Xzero 335 09-Aug-2008
Aquaparke (Bug fix version) JK Deathmatch Level Zojombize, ZeqMacaw 325 02-Jul-2008
Operation Renton Level TheSaiyanHog 347 04-Aug-2007
Aquaparke JK Multiplayer Level Zojombize 444 31-Oct-2006
Hoth CTF A small to medium sized JK level intended for fast paced nf capture the flag action. NOFpuXnk 508 19-Sep-2006
Tranquility A small deathmatch level set in a canyon. ej_advent 367 10-Jul-2006
=SandStoneD= Intense Deathmatch =NaiLz= 858 30-Nov-2005
=SandStoneR's-Arena= Intense Deathmatch =NaiLz= 346 28-Nov-2005
Four Corners Multiplayer Deathmatch Level Vane 279 27-Nov-2005
A Solid Crib to show simplicity Snejku 260 28-Aug-2005
Drained JK Multiplayer Level SM_Trige 412 21-Jun-2005
Penumbra A small, symmetrical, and artistically unique JK level designed to be dial-up friendly. Daft_Vader 415 08-Jun-2005
Haven : Xeroxed (8-bit version) JK Multiplayer Level Spiral 308 20-Dec-2004
Haven : The Dawn of Darkness (16-bit Version) JK Multiplayer Level Spiral 295 20-Dec-2004
DM Twisted DeathMatch LKOH_SniperWolf 290 24-Sep-2004
ELG jk level NOFpuXnk 474 08-Sep-2004
Chester High School JK Multiplayer Level Spiral 254 13-Dec-2003
One-Room Industrial Nightmare DeathMatch LKOH_SniperWolf 223 22-Oct-2003
Checkers Elegant marble room with life-sized checkerboard and pieces, includes cogs and everything you need for a perfect game of Checkers. ID_Junkguy 293 07-Jul-2003
GoldenEye Bunker Level based on the GoldenEye Bunker ID_Junkguy 302 05-Jan-2003
The Dralloc Sirhc Pure conc rifle deathmatch! BeefCaike 264 28-Dec-2002
Reclusion JK Multiplayer Level Spiral 287 05-Jan-2002
Space Noxx A JK remake of the popular UT map, Space Noxx. Emon 251 18-Oct-2001
Laboratory IV JK Multiplayer Level Spiral 290 19-Jul-2001
Laboratory VI: Achluophobia JK Multiplayer Level Spiral 235 24-Mar-2001
London JK Spiral 357 29-Nov-2000
11783 JK Multiplayer Level Spiral 249 10-Jul-2000
LoC Temple JK Multiplayer Level Spiral 259 07-Jul-2000
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