Bin Loader/Saver


Put the .exe anywhere, the cog and misc folders should either go under the Resource folder or in a mod folder.

This allows, among other things, the ability to save and load all of the bin/inventory values. Fire the bryar (do this at least once before anything else when you first download it) and it will save all 200 bins out to a text file. Fire the fists, and it will load all 200 back into JK.

Now, it can do other things too. For example...activate the field light, and it will set the player's look pitch, starting at 80 and working down by 5 every second. If you go into the fieldlight cog, and change the if(1) statement in the pulse to if(0), it will then just print out the player's current look pitch when the fieldlight is on.

It works by checking bin 0 for an instruction value...1 = save, 2 = load, etc. It can then perform some process on the bin values...Just about anything can be done, from adding new cog functionality (get/set pitch, trig functions, etc.), bot ai, network syncing and messaging, to saving and loading values.

This was originally announced in a forum topic.
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