This level lets you play Checkers with other people in Jedi Knight. The life-sized checkerboard is located in an elegant marble room, and the Checker pieces are made of solid silver and gold. There is also a one-way watching area for observers, slightly elevated at the side of the level.

To play a game of Checkers with someone, simply press the Spacebar to grab the Checker piece. After you move the piece, press the Fieldlight (F2) to drop it.

There are many spare pieces and King pieces on the sides. Also, there is a reset button on both sides of the Checker board. When the game is over, you can press the reset button to reset the Checker pieces. Anyone who objects to the resetting should press the reset button within 10 seconds to cancel the resetting.

Please note that this level does not require a mod. Level cogs are already included with the level. There is also a Text document included that explains the basic rules of Checkers.
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