Chester High School


This multiplayer level is a rendition of the highschool I actually attended. I started this level in 2001, but deleted it in 2002. I had graduated in 2002, and felt the level would never be completely finished. I was right. However, I found this level on one of my old discs the other day, and decided to work on it again. Now, living in Florida, I had nothing to base the level off of anymore, so I just blocked off the unfinished parts with doors that won't open. These include one of the gyms, a lot of class rooms, the library, and the whole 2nd floor of the old building. I figured it would be better to release at least this much, rather than nothing at all. You may notice several errors including disappearing 3DOs, and pretty much all the stairs in the level. I figured it would be too time consuming and too much trouble to go back and fix all these errors. They arn't too noticable though. And now, I present to you Chester High School!


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