Fountain Mod


This is a very small mod that creates "Fountains". At the beginning of a game, activate Force Deadly Sight and you will see a bunch of things attach to you. Activate Deadly Sight 5 times and each time you will see a fountain detach from you. The 6th time you activate Deadly Sight, it will destroy the Fountains you created. After the first 5 activations of Deadly Sight, every time you activate it, it will create a fountain at the position you were at when you activated Deadly Sight. To prevent it from being too annoying, you can only create a maximum of 5 fountains.

This Mod passes checksum! So you can use this in a game even if no one else has it.

I hope you have as much fun with it as I had making it. I realize it is very small but I thought I would release it anyway.




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