This mod is based on the GoldenEye game from N64. Weapons include the hand with karate chops, PP7 and DD44 Dostovei with nice reload animations and sounds, Proximity Mines which can explode when a person comes near or when you shoot it, the Phantom, KF7 Soviet, Rocket Launcher, Moonraker Laser, AR33 Assault Rifle, and Watch with tranquilizer darts and grappling hook. There are many features as well as secrets. You can set a hotkey to aim with the red crosshairs, which also allows you to zoom when you have a rifle. You can listen to Control Center music or your own custom music files from another hotkey. There are blood effects such as blood drops and blood pools, which can be disabled by turning on Paintball Mode from the options. Another feature, which was originally intended to be a secret, allows you to create Stormtroopers that use Moonraker Lasers. There are also two other secrets that don't affect gameplay, but are for additional enjoyment. There are also new skins of the different James Bond actors, realistic sounds, projectiles, 3dos, and much more.
Jedi Knight


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