GoldenEye Bunker


This level is based on the classic Bunker multiplayer level from GoldenEye 64. This level is an underground bunker located in Severnaya, Siberia. GoldenEye Bunker has extremely accurate and detailed architecture, textures, and objects. Just like in the N64 version, the level has a helipad outside, a main control room, all the hallways and little rooms, the prison area, and more. This are also some very fun secrets and other little features. This high quality level provides excellent gameplay and looks amazing at the same time.

Please note that this level uses high quality 16-bit textures. If you do not have a 3D card that supports 16-bit textures, download a small 8-bit patch. Although this level works great with all mods, it is recommended for use with the GoldenEye Mod.
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