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Old project that was canceled due to a hard drive crash. Fortunately, the sole beta tester (MrRavenX) found a copy of the beta... 6 years later. Objective of the TC: Deathmatch using Star Craft characters that have the same abilities of the characters from the original RTS - Fighting on locations from the original RTS. At the time of release only Protoss vs Terran was planned with the Zerg possibly being introduced later once the TC was playable. Unfortunately it didn't make it that far. But thats where you come in. Feel free to extract the resources from the gob files and give this TC life once again. All I ask is that you give the original author (ll0 Templar 0ll) credit and link to his original site, which is still sitting on my server:
Jedi Knight, Pentium 166 or better.


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