Thing/Adjoin Limit Removal Patches


OBSOLETE. Find most recent version in Unofficial Patch project.

This is a collection of 3 patches:
JK thing/adjoin limit remover
JK thing limit remover
MotS thing limit remover

Use the JK thing limit remover if you have issues with the JK thing/adjoin limit patch.

JK and MotS both have built in limits of 640 things and 128 visible adjoins/sectors. These patches will remove either the thing limit or both the thing limit and the adjoin limit. To have more than 640 things in a level, you must manually edit the .jkl file and change the World things count to something higher than 640. The patch should allow room for at least 187144 things and 5000 sectors (for the adjoin limit removing patch).
JK or MotS


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