AI Instinct - Leap

Instinct Arguments

With regard to unit clarification, 1 JKU is the equivalent of 1 meter, a time value of 3000.0 msec is the equivalent of 3 seconds and boolean values within are assigned by either a 0 (false) or 1 (true) value. Interestingly, both integer and floating-point numbers seem to be legal values for boolean arguments (but must be of the form 0.0 or 1.0).

Each instinct has a set number of arguments which must be set, in order for the AI character to use that instinct. The following details show examples, as well as listing each argument effect and type.

    Leap    1500.0, 0.7, 1.00, 0.40, 3000.0, 3.5
Argument 1: How often to leap (once every [num] msecs)
Argument 2: Minimum fire dot (1.0=facing / 0=180° / -1.0=360°)
Argument 3: Maximum distance that the AI won't use this instinct (JKUs)
Argument 4: Minimum distance that the AI won't use this instinct (JKUs)
Argument 5: Minimum time from awakening to first leap (msec)
Argument 6: Leap speed

Expanded Information

This instinct allows the AI to leap as a form of attack/distance coverage. Its usage seems almost like a revamped version of the Jump instinct. Argument 1 sets how often to leap (ie: once every [num] msecs) only if the AI is within the boundaries of arguments 3 and 4. Argument 2 specifies the minimum visual fire dot for the AI (more specific than the AI's "fov" attribute value in the AI Setup line). Argument 3 is the maximum "safe" distance for the AI's target, such that the AI won't attempt to leap if it's target is greater than this distance, whilst argument 4's value is the minimum distance that the AI will not use this instinct. Argument 5's value sets the minimum time from awakening to the first leap (msec) whilst argument 6 specifies the AI's leap speed.

Instinct Trigger Studies

This section details how the instinct is initiated. In some cases, a character's AI are dependent upon certain actions/events occurring before the instinct is triggered.

  • Instinct Dependency - << none >>
  • Triggered by - << unknown >>
  • Upon Immediate Initialisation - Makes the AI leap towards a target

Testing Notes

LookForTarget does not appear to trigger this instinct. It would appear that Leap and Charge are synonymous in their effect.

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