AI Instinct - LobFire

Instinct Arguments

With regard to unit clarification, 1 JKU is the equivalent of 1 meter, a time value of 3000.0 msec is the equivalent of 3 seconds and boolean values within are assigned by either a 0 (false) or 1 (true) value. Interestingly, both integer and floating-point numbers seem to be legal values for boolean arguments (but must be of the form 0.0 or 1.0).

Each instinct has a set number of arguments which must be set, in order for the AI character to use that instinct. The following details show examples, as well as listing each argument effect and type.

    LobFire    2500.0, 0.8, 0.5, 4.0, 0.20, 0
Argument 1: Time Interval to check for throw (msec)
Argument 2: Minimum dot (1.0=must be facing exactly / 0.0=180° arc / -1.0=360° arc)
Argument 3: Minimum distance away from target to engage enemy (JKUs)
Argument 4: Maximum distance away from target to be able to throw Thermal Detonators (JKUs)
Argument 5: Error in projectile accuracy (%: ranges from 0=perfect aim to 1=random)
Argument 6: Use Primary Fire? (%: ranges from 0=use current weapon [often Thermal Dets] to 1=use ONLY primary weapon)

Expanded Information

This instinct should be reserved for AI characters that throw projectiles; Ree-Yees being the most notable (and memorable) example from JK. Arguments 3 and 4 are essential for specifying the range of the projectile (min/max) whilst argument 5 provides an error percentage in the projectile's accuracy (how far off [NB: NOT a distance-based unit!] the AI's aim should be). Argument 6 is always set to 0 in LEC's files; whilst this may seem to indicate that this value is a boolean data-type, it isn't; it is a percentage figure and uses the weapon(s) stipulated in the actor's template file (these settings are under "weapon=" and "weapon2=". If the actor has only one weapon available, the AI will assume the use of this weapon, regardless. As such, in standard JK game-play, stormtroopers may be given this instinct and will use only their ST-Rifle (as, by default, they have no "weapon2" template value).

LEC's template files for these actors always use "weapon=" as the thermals template, with "weapon2=" being a melee/punch-based mode.

Instinct Trigger Studies

This section details how the instinct is initiated. In some cases, a charactor's AI are dependent upon certain actions/events occurring before the instinct is triggered.

  • Instinct Dependency - LookForTarget
  • Triggered by - LookForTarget
  • Upon Immediate Initialisation - The AI will attempt to engage a target as long as the target is within its "sightdist"

Testing Notes

Requires LookForTarget to trigger instinct; the AI will then attempt to fire even if PrimaryFire is missing from the *.ai file.

This instinct does not strictly belong solely to Ree-yees as once originally believed. Any AI that has a "weapon" or "weapon2" attribute in its template setting may fire that weapon template. The last argument setting is a % figure. For a mixed percentage chance of using either weapon mode (if multiple weapon modes are present in the template file for the AI actor - eg: Ree-yees with fists/thermals or Trandoshan's with Conc-blast/rifle-butt swipe), 0.5 is suggested.

However, with the two examples provided, it would look silly in-game if the AI was a distance away from its target and began punching or rifle-butting thin air, instead of using it's "weapon" template (instead of "weapon2"'s swipe template). Therefore, in this situation, 0 is the recommend choice for this argument's usage.

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