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Instinct Arguments

With regard to unit clarification, 1 JKU is the equivalent of 1 meter, a time value of 3000.0 msec is the equivalent of 3 seconds and boolean values within are assigned by either a 0 (false) or 1 (true) value. Interestingly, both integer and floating-point numbers seem to be legal values for boolean arguments (but must be of the form 0.0 or 1.0).

Each instinct has a set number of arguments which must be set, in order for the AI character to use that instinct. The following details show examples, as well as listing each argument effect and type.

    Talk    3000.0, 0.40
Argument 1: Time interval to check for possible voice-over (msec)
Argument 2: Chance to say something (%: ranges from 0=never to 1=always)

Expanded Information

This instinct enables the AI to use random voice/noise samples depending on the situation that the AI finds itself in. The samples are selected from the AI character's sound file (*.SND) which themselves may be modified with a simple text editor. To attach a sound file to an actor, you will need to modify the character's template reference; more specifically, the "soundclass" attribute (similar to how you attach an AI class to a character).

Instinct Trigger Studies

This section details how the instinct is initiated. In some cases, a charactor's AI are dependent upon certain actions/events occurring before the instinct is triggered.

  • Instinct Dependency - << none >>
  • Triggered by - This instinct's argument values define the course of action to take
  • Upon Immediate Initialisation - Allows the AI to talk [pending completion of a valid argument]

Testing Notes

Randomly triggers voice/noise samples from the actor's *.snd file, as defined in the template file. The *.snd file may be viewed/modified with a simple text editor, such as Notepad/TextPad. This is important to be aware of as the voice/noise sample that is played is based on a list of different situations and scenarios; for example, when the player/AI gets hurt, falls down a bottomless pit (complete with the "fade-out-to-death"), lands from a great height, etc.

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